What Are The Alternatives To Root Canal Treatment

The only alternative to root canal treatment is the extraction of the problematic tooth. It is wise to consider all of the implications of losing a tooth before having it removed. The decision should not be made hastily or because the tooth is painful. If pain is present and the dentist thinks that

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What is the Basic Cost Of A Dental Implant

Treatment cost is the big time dilemma for many of the patients; sometimes many of you have wrong idea about treatment cost resulting in delay of treatments; one of such treatment is dental implant.

So, here in this blog we are trying to clear the confusing clouds. We don’t say th

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Get Fixed Teeth In Just 72 Hours With Immediate Loading Implants

Dental implants have become a boom in India in past two decades; people are becoming more and more aware about dental implants. It has given a new hope to people who want fixed teeth. But it is observed that in conventional implants the waiting period after placement of implants and loading is no

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7 Myths About Dental Implant Treatment

Dental implants aren't just a cosmetic treatment. If you're missing teeth, implants are one of the best options to preserve your oral health. With medical advancements in the past decades, you can get your smile perfected in days! And once you have implants, they'll last a lifetime. B

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