A smile is a powerful way of communication for a person. But if you are self-conscious about your teeth, you may tend to cover your teeth when you smile or not smile at all! This may create false impressions about you. You may be branded as non-communication, shy or even unfriendly.

A new smile will not only clear these assumptions about you but will also help you make a greater impact – both, personally & professionally. Healthy teeth form the foundation of an appealing smile. A skillful blend of cosmetic science and art helps your Dr.Anand Jasani to sculpt smile for you.



In “SMILE DESIGN” the cosmetically enhanced teeth look more natural and last longer; as a result of improved technology and materials. In “SMILE DESIGN” the overall appearance of your six upper front teeth is improved upon; since are the most visible when you smile. The other remaining teeth are also attended to, if they pose problems. The various techniques employed in “Smile Design” include, veneers, laminates, orthodontic treatment, cosmetic filling etc.