Treatment cost is the big time dilemma for many of the patients; sometimes many of you have wrong idea about treatment cost resulting in delay of treatments; one of such treatment is dental implant.

So, here in this blog we are trying to clear the confusing clouds. We don’t say that you will find the same treatment charges at all dental clinics, some may charge more or less but you can consider these charges for dental implant treatment at City Dental Clinic Rajkot.

The basic cost of an Implant:

A Dental implant is a screw made of titanium, which is biocompatible, surgically placed in the jaw which works as the tooth root. There are several types of dental implant with different prices and when you visit Dr.Anand Jasani he can suggest you about what kind of dental implant would be right for you after understanding your problem and carefully examination of X-rays, CBCT etc.

Usually the Complete Dental implant treatment cost starts from Rs.20,000/- for Indian citizens which includes Examination, X-Ray, Surgery & follow-up appointments.

Let’s See Some Different Types Of Implant Options Available At City Dental Hospital:

  • Adin Implant:
  • Adin implant are cost effective dental implant system. The cost of Adin implant is Rs.20,000/ implant

  • Mini Implants:
  • These are basically used for single tooth and denture for the lower front area and implant supported denture and costs around Rs.20,000/- Per Implant

  • Osstem GS III Implant:
  • These are fast healing and indicated for all type of Implant procedures with a special aspect for Immediate Implant placement. These are available and used in more than 15 countries worldwide and the complete procedure cost Rs.30,000/- Per Implant

  • Biodenta Dental Implant:
  • Biodenta implant system costs Rs.30,000 per implant.

  • Nobel Biocare Implants:
  • Nobel Biocare also has an advantage of fast healing after placing it into the jaw, as it is used in single sitting dental implant procedures. Also, it is world’s most used Implant system which cost Rs.40,000/- Per Implant.

    In Addition to Implants one requires a crown to be placed over implants which are available in following options

    • PORCELAIN-BASE METAL CROWN: 3500/- Per Crown
    • TiLite: 6500/-
    • E-Max METAL FREE CROWN – Metal Free 12,000/- Per Tooth

    Sometimes there might be a need of an additional Procedure, adjunct to the implant procedure

    We have mentioned earlier, the cost of complete dental implant procedure starts from Rs.20,000/- but if there is need of any additional procedure , such as bone augmentation (which is necessary sometimes) or Sinus grafting, then you might have to bare additional fees.

    Some of the expected treatment cost for the additional procedures (if at all required)

    • Temporary tooth (to fill gaps) = free
    • Guided Bone Augmentation = 5000/-
    • Lateral Maxillary Sinus Lifting = 10,000/-per sinus

    So, there is no need to worry about the cost, We will definitely suggest you right about the Dental Implant procedure, any required dental procedure along with the implant and its estimated treatment cost.

    Hope this article had cleared all the uncertainty about Complete Dental Implant Treatment cost.

    If you are based in Rajkot or places around then you may choose to consult us and get clarity on your treatment plan and the dental implant treatment cost. You may send us photographs, Clinical Photos, X-ray to get the quotation.

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