How Vitamins And Minerals Affect Your Teeth

how vitamins and minerals affect your teeth

So, you’ve been taking active steps in increasing your vitamin and mineral intake to boost your immunity amid the pandemic. It’s a necessary health-conscious decision.
And yes, you’re right in your resolve to protect your body from all harmful foreign agents.

It begs two questions:

  1. Did you know that specific vitamins and minerals provide a protective shield against Oral Health disorders?
  2. If yes, then have you followed this lifelong Oral Health necessity?

You may or may not have, knowingly or unknowingly.

Proper & Regular intake of vitamins and minerals is essential for good teeth and oral care. Alongside great complementary care, they build a strong resistance against various oral disorders.

Which ‘Change’ button to push?

Draw out a dietary plan with your dentist to include all the necessary vitamins and minerals in your regular diet. You’re probably consuming most of them already as they’re commonly found in our typical diet.
Anyway, as a leading dental hospital in India, we feel obliged to help you. Here are the vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain optimum Oral Health:


Calcium is equivalent to a strong fortress guard for your teeth and oral care. It makes your teeth and jaw bone stronger. To further increase teeth protection, calcium strengthens tooth enamel—the protective outer covering of a tooth. Therefore a balanced intake of calcium is of the utmost necessity to maintain strong teeth. To increase your calcium intake, eat these calcium-rich items.
Sources: Dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt are the most accessible sources of calcium. Salmon is another well-known source of calcium. If you’re vegan, then vegetables like broccoli and kale should be your reliable sources of calcium.

Vitamins D

Our body uses Vitamin D to absorb calcium. Due to this mechanization, the amount of calcium in our body directly relates to our vitamin D intake. And because of this, vitamin D plays an essential part in bone and tooth mineralization. Its deficiency can cause oral health disorders like gingival inflammation, cavities, and gum disease.
Sources: Fatty fishes like salmon and mackerel, vitamin D supplements are easily accessible. And finally, the free source—sunlight.


Like calcium, phosphorus is yet another mineral that promotes strong bones and teeth. With calcium, phosphorus strengthens teeth by protecting and rebuilding tooth enamel.
Sources: For phosphorus, include seafood, eggs and whole grains in your diet.


Potassium helps the body maintain a neutral blood pH level and healthy bone density. In case of a potassium deficiency, the blood pH level becomes too acidic, thereby leaching calcium from the tooth enamel towards other body areas.
Sources: Banana being a popular source. Others include potatoes, sweet potatoes and tomatoes.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A raises soft tissue health, prevents dry mouth, reduces bad breath and facilitates quick healing. It also boosts saliva production, which helps to get rid of the bacteria in between teeth. Apart from oral health, vitamin A is beneficial for your eyes and skin as well.
Sources: The best sources for vitamin A are orange colored fruits, leafy vegetables, egg yolks and fish.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C improves the health of the fragile soft tissues and gums in your mouth. Its optimal presence is rendered all the more essential to prevent the loosening of teeth and gingivitis.
Sources: Citrus fruits are the universal & trusted sources of vitamin C. Other sources include potatoes and leafy greens.

Inclusion and Exclusion of these vitamins and minerals drastically affect your teeth and oral care. Supplements can be used as an alternative to a dietary plan to improve towards and maintain your best oral health.

We hope this dental knowledge proves helpful for yourself and your family in designing a healthy oral care lifestyle. Feel free to ring us with follow-up questions.

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