Wisdom Tooth Extraction​

Wisdom Tooth Extraction​

Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure that involves removing one or more wisdom teeth, which are the four permanent adult teeth located at the top and bottom back corners of the mouth.

If a wisdom tooth does not have enough room to grow (impacted wisdom tooth), causing pain, infection, or other dental problems, it is most likely wisdom tooth extraction has to be done.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction can also be done in order to prevent future dental issues

At City Dental Hospital, we strive to offer excellent Wisdom Tooth Extraction treatment in India. We perform the procedure with internationally trained professionals. In addition to making the area numb with a local anesthetic, our surgeons recommends sedatives, that allow you to be more comfortable during the procedure.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Treatment Planning

Procedure and Process Treatment

We are committed to provide the best quality, comfort and care when you are having any dental problems.
We also promise that we will explain what procedures and processes we’re doing.
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1. Check Up

Our dentists will do a routine checkup for dental issue which is essential for proper treatment.
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2. Explanation

City Dental's Expert team of doctors will understand your problem and give you a customised solution.
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3. Treatment

After analyzing patient's dental condition, we recommend treatment to patient to prevent problems.
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4. Follow-up

We want all our patients to be 100% satisfied, our team will be in touch with you for any queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions Of
Wisdom Tooth Extraction

No, we remove tooth after that part become complete anaesthetize. So, just relax its not painful procedure.

In some people, due to anatomical variation of tooth and surrounding structure, we need to little amount of exposure of bone and grind it. so that we can easily remove the tooth and after that we close that part with one or two suture to prevent food lodgment and infection.

No, there is no pain at all during the complete Wisdom Tooth extraction procedure. Because we anaesthetize that part. You can feel the pressure but no pain.

No there is no pain. We give medication for that, so don’t wary about pain.

Yes you can able to eat after 1 hour of tooth removal, just take care that you have to take soft and liquid food(dal bhat,khichdi,juice) and stay away from hot and hard food for 1 day and don’t gargle till 24 hours of tooth removal.

After 7 days we can remove sutures.

30-45minutes, you have to keep cotton under pressure at the extraction site to stop bleeding from extraction site.

No, this is totally myth. The nerves are different for tooth supply and eye sight.

Yes, we specially provide this service because we value your time. So we remove all 4 wisdom teeth at a time.

Veneers are very effective when it comes to Correctly teeth that are when it cracked or badly sharped.

  • Restoring teeth that are broken or chapped.
  • Staining due to fluonrical or tetracycline.
  • Teeth with gapes.
  • Esthetically compromised froath teeth.

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