Teeth Whitening​

Teeth Whitening​

Teeth whitening refers to a variety of procedures that aim to brighten and whiten a person’s natural teeth. Sanding down stains, bleaching, ultraviolet (UV) light therapy, and other methods are used to whiten teeth.

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To offer a full-fledged teeth Whitening treatment in India, we have a variety of methods for restoring a bright white smile, which includes porcelain veneers, composite bonding, and whitening, also known as bleaching. But, with all the progressions made in general dentistry to magnify the appearance of teeth, whitening is the easiest and effective. Our teeth whitening treatment is safe, easy, and more affordable.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening Treatment Planning

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Experience the highest standards of dental healthcare with state-of-the-art-technology, durable bio-friendly materials that focus on all preventive, painless, and cosmetic dental procedures at City Dental Hospital in Rajkot. With the years of experience, we are committed to providing superior dental health and a complete range of services that give a smile that you deserve.

Procedure and Process Treatment

We are committed to provide the best quality, comfort and care when you are having any dental problems.
We also promise that we will explain what procedures and processes we’re doing.
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1. Check Up

Our dentists will do a routine checkup for dental issue which is essential for proper treatment.

2. Explanation

City Dental's Expert team of doctors will understand your problem and give you a customised solution.

3. Treatment

After analyzing patient's dental condition, we recommend treatment to patient to prevent problems.

4. Follow-up

We want all our patients to be 100% satisfied, our team will be in touch with you for any queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions Of Teeth Whitening

No, definitely no. Teeth whitening is very safe & comfortable procedure. Rather than this it make your teeth stronger and healthier.

We are providing Teeth whitening procedure in single sitting only, you not need multiple visit for this.

After complication of procedure just for only 1hr you need not to any food or liquid after that you are enjoy every food.

Teeth whitening result patient range from 6month to 3 years depending upon different whitening procedure.

Teeth whitening range from 3,000 to 25,000/- depending upon different methods & material.

Yes, Teeth whitening leads to healthy, brighter smile, improve in self-Esteem of person and it also improve social-life.

Yes, Teeth whitening lead to brighter and healthier smile, also mineralize the teeth and prevent decay of teeth also.

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