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Have you been dreaming of a picture-perfect smile but worried about the costs? At City Dental Hospital in India, we offer high-quality smile makeovers with veneers, crowns, and teeth whitening at a fraction of the prices in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and UAE. With our experienced cosmetic dentistry team, cutting-edge dental technology, and transparent pricing, you can achieve the radiant smile you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank.


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City Dental – Awarded as Best Dental Hospital in India

Affordable Smile Makeovers in India

City Dental Hospital is a premier dental clinic providing affordable smile makeovers to patients from around the world. We offer a range of cosmetic dentistry procedures, from subtle enhancements to complete smile transformations, tailored to your unique needs. Our internationally-trained dentists combine artistry with advanced skills to create natural-looking, aesthetic results you’ll love. With savings of up to 70% compared to prices in developed countries, India is the ideal destination for top-quality dental care at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of a Smile Makeover in India

A smile makeover can transform your appearance, boosting self-confidence with a bright, aligned smile. Veneers and crowns allow you to reshape, whiten, and perfect your smile. Key benefits include:

  • Correct chips, gaps, stains, and worn or uneven teeth
  • Whiten discolored or yellowed teeth several shades
  • Reshape uneven teeth for a symmetrical appearance
  • Close gaps for a fuller smile line
  • Repair cracks, chips, and damage
  • Align crooked teeth without braces
  • Boost self-confidence with an enhanced, youthful smile
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Veneers vs. Crowns: What’s Best for You?

Veneers and crowns both improve the look of your smile but have some differences mentioned below. Our cosmetic dentists will guide you in choosing the best options for your unique needs and budget.

  • Veneers are thin shells bonded to the front of teeth. Crowns cover the entire visible tooth surface.
  • Veneers preserve more natural tooth structure. Crowns require reshaping the teeth.
  • Veneers don’t always require anesthesia. Crowns involve numbing the teeth.
  • Veneers have a shorter placement time. Crowns involve two visits.
  • Veneers cost less than crowns on average.
  • Veneers are better for minor issues. Crowns work well for extensive repairs.


Affordable Smile Makeover Costs in India

A guide to choose the correct veneers

The costs of veneers and crowns in India are substantially lower than prices in other countries:

  • USA: Veneers: $925 per tooth, Crowns: $1,500 per tooth
  • UK: Veneers: £500 per tooth, Crowns: £750 per tooth
  • Australia: Veneers: $1,000 per tooth, Crowns: $1,700 per tooth
  • Canada: Veneers: $800 per tooth, Crowns: $1,500 per tooth
  • UAE: Veneers: AED 3,500 per tooth, Crowns: AED 5,500 per tooth
  • India: Veneers: ₹15,000 per tooth, Crowns: ₹30,000 per tooth

With veneers from ₹15,000 ($185 USD) per tooth and crowns from ₹30,000 ($370 USD), India offers savings of 50-70% on smile makeovers. Factors affecting costs include the materials used, number of teeth treated, and your specific needs. Our team provides detailed price estimates, ensuring complete transparency.

Components of a Smile Makeover with Veneers and Crowns

Veneers and crowns allow for dramatic improvements:

  • Porcelain veneers create flawless front-tooth aesthetics with a natural luminescence.
  • Zirconia crowns provide durable, stain-resistant full-coverage restorations.
  • Custom-matched porcelain crowns offer a life-like, aesthetic final result.
  • Teeth whitening enhances the results, ensuring uniformly whiter teeth.
  • Diagnostics like 3D smile design preview your makeover results.

By combining veneers, crowns, and teeth whitening, we can reshape your natural teeth with minimal removal, enhancing color, alignment, and symmetry.

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Why Choose City Dental Hospital for Your Smile Makeover?

With over 10 years of experience transforming smiles, our cosmetic dentistry specialists will carefully evaluate your needs and goals and devise a personalized makeover plan. We offer:

  • Artistic cosmetic dentistry skills for beautiful, natural-looking results
  • Cutting-edge dental technology like digital smile design
  • Stringent health and safety standards
  • Savings of 50-70% compared to developed countries
  • Customized payment plans for added affordability
  • 5-star ratings and glowing patient testimonials
  • Convenient online consultations for overseas patients

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Take the first step towards your dream smile by contacting City Dental Hospital in Mumbai, India for a free online consultation. Our patient care team can answer any questions and provide guidance on planning your affordable smile makeover in India. Call or email us today to schedule a personalized treatment plan and price quote. It’s time to love your smile!


Dr. Anand Jasani and Dr. Rashmi jasani from City Dental Hospital, Rajkot