14 habbits that will wreck your teeth

We all know the fundamentals when it involves keeping your teeth healthy: brush, floss, visit the dentist twice a year. But there are habits and lifestyle choices that would be harming your dental health which will surprise you.
In this article, you’ll learn a number of nasty habits to avoid to guard your teeth against decay and discoloration. Learn what causes teeth grinding, the simplest ways to stay your teeth white, and the way to avoid cavities by changing daily habits.

Habits You should avoid to save your teeth

Tooth breaking is often a serious issue faced by many patients, but this will be avoided with proper teeth care. For better care, you want to avoid these things:

  1. Chewing on ice: Munching ice cubes must be avoided because it can crack your teeth. Playing sports without mouthguards – Sports open probability of mouth injuries; thus, one should use a mouthguard.
  2. Bedtime bottles: Giving a bottle filled with a sugary drink in the dark to kids can cause severe damage to teeth.
  3. Tongue piercing: Even when piercing looks trendy, the metal utilized in it’s going to cause tooth damage.
  4. Grinding teeth: If you suffer from bruxism, you want to obtain the proper treatment before it harms your teeth.
  5. Cough drops: Most of the cough drops have rich sugar which can damage the teeth.
  6. Gummy candy: Extra sweet candies may cause cavities and decay, which may harm teeth.
  7. Soda: Soda has sugar and citric acids which eats away the enamel making it weak. Opening bottles caps – Opening things together with your teeth can actually make them weak.
  8. Sports drinks: The refreshing sports and energy drinks have sugar and acid, which may harm teeth. Fruit juice – Excess use of fruit crush can actually harm teeth.
  9. Potato chips: Extra starch in chips can attack the teeth, making it weak. Constant snacking – Frequent snacking produces less saliva, which harms teeth.
  10. Chewing pencils: Chewing pencils can cause cracks and chips in teeth.
  11. Drinking coffee: Coffee constituents are liable for fading and yellowing of teeth.
  12. Smoking: Tobacco products are liable for gum disease and tooth.
  13. Drinking wine: Rich in acid, wine can eat enamel, causing spots on teeth. White acids can equally harm teeth, making it stained.
  14. Binge eating: Strong acid found in Binge can erode teeth making it weak and decayed.

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