5 habits that damage your teeth

There are few habits that you do unknowingly can affect your teeth

Oral health is the most important part to maintain your overall health and well-being. Poor oral hygiene can lead to dental cavities and gum disease.
Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is a lifetime commitment. The earlier you learn right oral hygiene habits such as brushing, flossing, and limiting your sugar intake, the easier it will be to dodge costly dental procedures or long-term health issues.

Following are 5 habits that damage your teeth:

Chewing on Ice

Ice is only frozen water, so it is natural and sugarless, yet it can interfere with you having a healthy smile but chewing on ice may create small cracks in tooth enamel.
In future, these small cracks may widen, and it can impact on your oral health. Chewing on ice can not only cause cracks, but it can also lead to severe damage like braces, fillings and crowns.


According to research, Soda is one of the leading causes of tooth decay throughout the world. The acids in soft drinks can soften the tooth enamel, which can lead to dental cavities. Even just drinking one glass of soda in a day can cause significant damage to teeth in both adults and children.
To avoid such dental problems, it is suggested that you should substitute soft drinks with milk or water. If you have a soft drink occasionally, rinsing your mouth out with water may help to reduce the risk of the acid and sugar damaging your smile.


Well, it is said that one of the most common habits among many people is chewing on pencils. This habit is developed early in childhood, and some do not even realize they are doing it.
Biting on pencils can chip and crack teeth, which can lead to cavities and possible tooth loss in future if the damage is severe. To chew, you can carry sugar-free gum, it may help you break this tooth-damaging habit, and it will help in the saliva production, which removes cavity-causing bacteria.


Using your teeth as bottle openers, scissors, or pliers is a perfect way to damage them. Whenever you open a package, a bottle or break something apart by using teeth, you are increasing the risk of severely damaging the enamel and root of your teeth.
These habits cause teeth to crack and weaken them, which may eventually lead to tooth loss or gum damage.
So, keep tools handy to avoid using your teeth as tools.


Biting your fingernails can increase the risk of consuming a wide variety of harmful bacteria, and it can also cause chipping or cracking of teeth. The pressure we apply while biting our fingernails can weaken your teeth, and the hardness of your nail can also cause cracks in teeth.
There are hundreds of bacteria under your fingernails which can build a home in your mouth that will lead to an infection in your mouth and gums. Well, it could potentially cause other problems with your physical health, too.


The above habits are very common; there are several more, such as not wearing a mouthguard and teeth grinding, etc. All these can cause significant damage to teeth and gums.
So, to make sure your teeth and oral health are in top shape, it is essential to schedule routine examinations with your dentist.
If you feel or find you have damaged your teeth and gums, contact City Dental Hospital for a full dental examination.
At City Dental Hospital, we also suggest our patients for replacing unhealthy dental habits with more healthy alternatives.

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