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5 reasons why you should extract your wisdom teeth

5 reasons why you should extract your wisdom teeth

Problems with your wisdom teeth. Let us help you figure it out.

Impaction, cavity, periodontal, gum disease, trauma, or tooth overcrowding are reasons a dentist may recommend a tooth extraction. Like cavity or some gum diseases, many of these conditions are often today. Today we are going to study a set of teeth that may not be wise to leave in your mouth, your wisdom teeth, no pun intended!

Why would you need wisdom teeth extraction?

Impact to nearby teeth

Because your permanent teeth are already in the right positions, this extra tooth eruption can force the other teeth to shift their position. This can cause pain, bite problems, and overcrowding, making it difficult to brush and floss effectively and eventually cause a cavity. If treatment is delayed, you’ll also get to undergo additional procedures to straighten impacted neighbouring teeth.

Damage to the jaw

First comes stiffness or pain before recognizing it, damaging the jawbones, affecting the mouth’s function and motion. Like all other teeth, wisdom teeth erupt from the jaws and through the gums, but it isn’t always the case, especially when there is no space around the other teeth. Some of the wisdom teeth grow impacted within the jaw, shifting the opposite teeth and even the jawline. This will limit the opening of the mouth and cause pain when doing so. Cysts can also form along the newly erupted molars, which may hollow the jaw bones and damage neighbouring teeth’ nerves, healthy when left untreated.

Sinus problems

We all know that our mouth and nose are intricately connected, but did you recognize that affected wisdom teeth can hit the sinuses? Wisdom teeth removal is suggested when these molars’ growth causes sinus pain, pressure, and congestion. Oral health is related to overall health, and that’s why it’s crucial to concentrate on any symptom or ailment.

Sensitivity and pain

Many patients only realize that their wisdom teeth are impacted once they experience pain, but it starts small and even virtually undetectable like all dental problems. Don’t ignore any toothache, or maybe sensitivity and slight throbbing sensations. Pay attention to where it occurs, and if it happens upon contact to the rear of the mouth while you’re eating or brushing, likelihood is that your wisdom teeth have erupted. It won’t be long before it explains that they are growing at an angle to the opposite teeth, impacting the jaws, or crowding neighbouring teeth.

Inflamed gums

Oral health isn’t limited to teeth; gums play an enormous role and suffer through affected wisdom teeth. When wisdom teeth erupt at an angle to the opposite teeth, or horizontally, they will lead to the gums to swell and make it hard to wash.

What Should I Expect During a Tooth Extraction?

For simple tooth extraction, the dentist will typically extract the tooth with forceps and an area anaesthetic. A surgical extraction could also be required in an impaction, which involves cutting open the gums and removing the tooth. It’s essential to rest and keep yourself limited to a soft food diet after your extraction. Visit City Dental Hospital for a more thorough explanation of the extraction procedure and recovery. It is also essential to recollect that your dentist will attempt every other remedy possible before deciding to get rid of your tooth. However, the sole thanks to protecting your mouth are getting rid of the tooth entirely in some cases.

At City Dental Hospital, we strive to offer excellent wisdom tooth removal treatment in India. We perform the procedure with internationally trained professionals. In addition to making the area numb with a local anesthetic, our surgeons recommend sedatives, that allow you to be more comfortable during the procedure. Our oral surgeons use one of the three types of anesthesia, depending on the required complexity of the wisdom tooth extraction with your comfort level.

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