Full mouth rehabilitation is a dental process that is exceptionally individualized treatment. The procedure focuses on the entire mouth health that includes the teeth, gums, and the bite. Each case is different depending on the teeth and their condition. Full mouth rehabilitation includes reconstruction and restoration simultaneously of all the teeth. Full mouth reconstruction requires extensive or restorative dentists and can add up as depending upon the patients’ requirements.

There are multiple reasons you might need a full mouth rehabilitation depending on your medical conditions or just your likes of getting a perfect smile.
Few of the reasons can be –

  • Teeth lost due to trauma and decay.
  • Cavities
  • Injuries or fractures
  • Worn out teeth due to acidic erosion.
  • tooth grinding
  • Pain in the jaw and head due to bite

The process of full mouth rehabilitation:

The process of full-mouth rehabilitation can only be started after a comprehensive oral examination. The dentist will check your mouth to determine the severity of the problem and the treatment possibilities that can be used to correct it. After your review, the process will depend on the following outcomes.

Esthetics: The appearance of your teeth is a vital factor in any cosmetic surgery, the colour, shape, and proportion of your teeth and how they look. This includes your gums, mouth, side profile, and faces as essential factors in full mouth reconstruction.

Teeth: The health of your teeth will decide what restorative procedures may be needed. Your dentist will take note of all minor and significant issues like cavities, tooth decay, creaks, root canal issues, dental implants, or full-coverage crowns. Only after an extensive exam, it can determine what further can be done.

Periodontal tissues: Treating any periodontal disease requires root planing and scaling. You may need intensive treatments from a periodontist to ensure that your recently restored teeth will have a rooted foundation. Such procedures could involve bone grafting and soft tissue grafting to build up your underlying jaw bone and gums.

The examination process needs detailed information of your mouth, such as impressions of your teeth, X-rays, and photographs. This data is used to formulate the plan of restoration or reconstruction as per patient requirements.

Once your dentist has taken all the information related to your case, he or she will develop a thorough, step-by-step treatment plan to correct all of the problems in your mouth and start the process of reconstruction. You can always ask your dentist for a written prescription of the treatment if in case you have any issues understanding.

The dentist working on your full mouth rehabilitation determines what procedures are required for your particular situation. Other methods may also be available, so ask your dentist about all possible ways that might be necessary for your situation and under what circumstances.

Most reconstructions include multiple phases and office visits. It is not inordinate to expect treatment to take 12 months or more, depending on your condition. Full mouth reconstruction is also considered as a treatment under dental tourism as it is one of the most required and successful dental procedures. If your smile needs a makeover or reconstruction, we at City Dental Hospital provide extensive information before any procedure so that your treatments are comfortable and as per your requirements.

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