Are root canal linked to cancer

Over the years a widespread MYTH going around about Root Canals is“They are the significant cause of CANCER and other harmful diseases. Well, thanks to the INTERNET as today we can through this we can clear all such MYTHS.

According to research that took place in the 20th Century by Weston Prince, it is said that dead teeth that have undergone root canal therapy still harbour incredibly harmful toxins which also act as a breeding ground for cancer, arthritis, heart disease, and other conditions.

Disproving the myth

The MYTH that root canals cause cancer is scientifically incorrect. This myth is additionally a public hazard because it could prevent people from getting root canals. This myth is predicated on Price’s research, which is too unreliable.

Here are some of the problems with Price’s methods:

  • Conditions for Price’s experiments were poorly controlled.
  • The tests were performed in non-sterile environments.
  • Other researchers haven’t been ready to duplicate his results.

Prominent critics of root canal sometimes argue that the modern dental community is intentionally conspiring to suppress Price’s research.

Yet, no studies show a link between cancer and root canals. Regardless, there are large groups of dentists and patients alike who believe Price.

For instance, Joseph Mercola, a doctor who follows Price’s research, claims, “97 percent of terminal cancer patients before had root canal treatment.” There’s no evidence to support his statistics, and this misinformation results in confusion and anxiety.

Root canals, cancer and fear

People who undergo root canal therapy are not any more or less likely to become ill than the other person. There’s no evidence connecting root canal treatment and other diseases.

Rumours to the contrary can cause an excellent deal of undue stress for several people, including former and upcoming root canal treatment patients.

Some people that have had root canals even go thus far on getting their dead teeth extracted. They view this as a security precaution because they believe the dead tooth increases their risk of cancer. However, pulling dead teeth makes no sense. It’s always an available option, but dentists say saving your natural teeth is the best choice.

Extracting and replacing a tooth takes time, money, and extra treatment, and it can negatively affect your neighbouring teeth. Many live teeth undergo root canal therapy which is healthy, strong and lasts a lifetime. The advancements in modern dentistry that make endodontic treatment, and root canal therapy safe, predictable, and effective should be trusted rather than feared.

Root Canal Treatment

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