The Process Of The Best Braces Treatment In Gujarat

Best braces treatment

You want to take your first step towards a better smile and oral health, but don’t because braces are unknown territory; the following information is for you.

Expert orthodontists at City Dental Hospital (CDH) believe in giving patients the best braces treatment in Gujarat. So, they’ll guide you throughout your journey, right from consultation to aftercare. In this way, you get familiar with the treatment, and the whole experience becomes less intimidating. 

If you want back your alluring smile and are ready to take the first step with a braces treatment, here’s how the treatment proceeds.

Consultation For Braces Treatment

An expert orthodontist conducts a clinical examination of your teeth during the consultation. If you decide to continue with treatment, an appointment is made to collect records.

  • Impressions from which plaster models of the teeth are constructed.
  • Photographs of the teeth and face.
  • X-rays of the teeth and jaws.

For you personally, it’ll set the tone of the whole procedure. Here, your research pays off, so shoot all the questions, which you think, demand answers that’ll put you at ease.

At CDH, we open two-way communication channels to make sure you know all the answers and be at ease that you are getting the best braces treatment in Gujarat.

Before Braces treatment

A pre-visit to the dentist before starting the braces treatment is very important. Get your teeth cleaned professionally during this visit.

And suppose your orthodontist sees the need to take care of other oral problems (periodontal problems, tooth extraction), which patients may have, he/she will recommend taking care of those issues before moving ahead with the orthodontic treatment. 

Your first visit

The treatment starts here. Your orthodontist will take X-rays of your whole mouth and individual teeth. Photographs of the teeth and face are taken. If the spacing is too tight between any of your teeth, spacers are inserted to make room for braces.

Then, the next step involves making an accurate mold of your teeth, for which your orthodontist will take an impression of your teeth. Whether you want traditional braces or customized ones, this procedure is of paramount importance.

Getting your braces

It’s important to brush & floss your teeth before you get your braces on. The procedure has now become virtually painless because of modern advancements. It can last for about two hours. Therefore at CDH, we create an ambiance that’s to your taste to ensure that you don’t feel uncomfortable or simply bored. 

Your orthodontist starts by inserting a device to keep your mouth open and tongue in place. He or She then applies an etchant to prepare the teeth surface for bonding. Then the braces are placed on your teeth with an adhesive to hold them in place through the treatment.

The adhesive is hardened using a curing light, and the bond is set. The orthodontist will then run the archwire through the braces and hold it in place with ligature bands to complete the treatment.

Follow-up appointments

Your first follow-up appointment will be scheduled 4-8 weeks away from the treatment. These will be for routine adjustments, which are much faster than getting braces. The orthodontist examines the progress and swaps the old bands and sometimes the old archwire too.

Adjustment appointments are a must throughout the treatment. And the replacement of the archwire may cause minor discomfort (temporary), for which your orthodontist will prescribe a remedy.

The New Smile

When you visit your orthodontist to see your new smile, the following process hardly takes 15 minutes. Brackets are removed, the bonding material is removed, then your orthodontist polishes the enamel to give your teeth a renewed shine.

You may need a retainer to make the teeth at home in their new position, and that’s it. You can go on obsessing over that new smile of yours.

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