Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix An Overbite?

Can cosmetic dentistry fix an overbite

Overbite is a teeth alignment issue where the upper set of teeth protrude over the lower set. Usually, people get confused between overbites with crooked teeth. It’s tons of teeth searching for a place. An overbite indicates that your jaw and teeth aren’t in proper alignment.

Overbites are often the results of genetics as some people are born with a malformed jaw that does not line up properly with their upper teeth. There are two main sorts of overbite: Vertical overbites are where the front teeth greatly overlap the lower set, and horizontal overbites are where the upper teeth protrude over the lower set.

It is also possible for you to exhibit symptoms of both sorts of malocclusion. You can further categorize overbites into two categories:

  1. Dental overbites
  2. Skeletal overbites.

Even as the name implies, the term dental overbite is employed when your teeth are liable for the overbite, while the term skeletal overbite refers to the jaw being the most cause for the overbite.

What causes an overbite?

The most common reason why you would possibly develop an overbite is the shape or size of your teeth and jaw. It might be a result of not having enough space to accommodate all of your teeth or having an excessive amount of space in your jaw area. If the patient doesn’t address the overbite with professional treatment, your teeth will begin to crowd one another and are available out crooked. Within the case of the jaw having an excessive amount of space, the result is going to be your teeth growing faraway from one another, resulting in gaps.

Infants and youngsters are even more vulnerable to overbites. Common habits like pacifier use and sucking thumbs can produce an overbite. Also, chewing on hard things like your nails or writing tools can cause an overbite.

You can also find yourself with an overbite due to TMJ disorders, grinding your teeth, or a history of overbite in your family.

How are overbites treated?

Overbite Treatment

Most dentists refer overbite patients to an orthodontist if you’ve got an overbite. This condition may be a lot easier to deal with in young patients since the jaw remains developing at that stage. Many adults with overbites begin experiencing difficulty in their childhood, which often results in more complicated cases.

During your appointment, your dentist or orthodontist will examine your mouth and are available up with a course of treatment. Confine your mind that it can take up to 2 years to correct the overbite completely. Treatments your dentist might recommend to deal with your overbite include:

  • Removing baby teeth to form space for the right growth of permanent teeth
  • Braces
  • Retainers
  • Surgery
  • Removal of permanent teeth

Ready to affect your overbite?

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