Can smoking causes yellowing of your teeth?

Can smoking causes yellowing of your teeth stain

Yes, smoking makes the teeth more yellow. Now you might be wondering how much of a difference it makes. Well, in this blog, we will let you know what you should consider if you smoke and want to keep your teeth white and healthy.

Cigarette smoking can severely stain your teeth. Nicotine and tobacco make the teeth a more yellowish shade. Not just this, the cigarette smoke creates a sticky surface which almost acts like glue, where other stains and pigments attach more quickly than normal. In simple words, smoking stains the teeth and make the shade darker in two ways.

Over time, the teeth will get darker, more dangerous than they would have if you don’t stop to smoke. You can slow down this process if you use using right oral care products which has no harmful abrasives and dissolve surface stains. Well, if you are a chain smoker, then you will apparently need a proper teeth whitening treatment with hydrogen peroxide, to get your pearly white smile back.

Smoking Cause Yellow or Stained Teeth

You should understand that smoking tobacco cigarette, beedi or any other form of smoking cause yellowish teeth, but what causes this?

  • Nicotine is blamed for developing yellow teeth from smoking. Oxygen in the air forces Nicotine to take on a yellowish colour. This is the foremost reason why everyone assumes that Nicotine causes yellow teeth. This is unlikely to be the leading cause of yellow teeth from smoking. Nicotine is also known as water-soluble, and it is not very likely to adhere to your teeth very well.
  • Tar is the leading cause of stain among smoker’s teeth. Tar and other chemical sediment build-ups on the teeth surface. The Tar then gets its way into the enamel of your teeth, which leads to the yellowish-brown colour.
  • However, a study says, there are a few ways that Nicotine itself might diffusely lead to yellowing teeth. Because it reduces saliva production, but this plays a minor role in producing yellow teeth from smoking among the people. Hence, people discuss a lot about whether Nicotine causes yellow teeth.

Smoking can affect not only the colour of the teeth but also the overall oral health. As a smoker, you generate a higher risk of experiencing the following:

– Bad breath

– Cavities

– Sensitivity

– Gingivitis and receding gums

– Periodontitis

 We always recommend that if you want white and healthy teeth, then quit smoking. 

How can you remove the stains get clean teeth?

The most straightforward way to remove yellow stains from teeth is by getting scaling and polishing of teeth. We at City Dental Hospital provide a very highly-qualified professional team and expert solution of cleaning and polishing of teeth. It can be named as a teeth cleaning or dental cleaning. Our expert dentist uses an ultrasonic scaler to scrape the hard tartar and tar on the exterior of the teeth and hence clean the teeth. 

Therefore, it is recommended that do not live with yellow teeth, get professional teeth cleaning at City Dental Hospital.

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