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Canker sores are considered mouth sore that appears inside the mouth. It looks white or yellow at the initial stage with a red border. They usually begin with a small size but gradually grow to ½ inch -1 inch in diameter in sizes. 

They are not contagious with contact, but sometimes it can be painful and annoying while eating spicy food or talking. 

City Dental Hospital at Rajkot, India The best Dental clinic in Rajkot will help you to know ways to cure Canker Sores and how to treat them. 

There are two types of canker sores which are classified below:

Simple canker sores: Simple canker sores or Minor sores appear around 3 to 4 times a year even though it is painful, it gets healed within 1 to 2 weeks.

Complex Canker sores: Complex canker sore or Major sore appears very rarely, but it causes severe pain and symptoms. This can be seen with people having a history of having complex canker sores.

Herpetiform canker sores: There are very minimal cases of herpetiform canker sores. Only about 5% of people get this kind of sores.

They may combine to form clusters of sores. healing could take a few weeks, and the risk of scarring might rise.

A tingling or burning sensation in the mouth that gets worse when chewing, drinking, or talking.

canker sore

What is the cause of Canker sores?

Experts are not sure about the source of Canker sores, but they have found some things that can prone to developing ulcers. There are specific food items that are responsible for having the issue of Mouth ulcer inside the mouth like chocolates, eggs, nuts, strawberries, cheese, spicy food, etc.

It also might happen due to an allergic reaction to some bacteria inside the mouth. Also, dental-related appliances such as braces, and ill-fitting dentures could be responsible for canker sores.

One infection is called Harpetic stomatitis, caused due to the virus herpes simplex can be responsible for the canker sores inside the mouth. This infection causes in young children particularly, when they got revealed to HSV. The initial stage of this infection turns out to be the severe one.

How long are canker sores last?

Usually, it improves in a couple of days and it takes 2 weeks for the ulcer to get healed even without taking any proper treatment. If you notice that the mouth ulcer last more than 2 weeks then it’s recommended to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

What foods are needed to avoid getting rid of Canker sores?

It causes whenever we are intaking any food items which is a deficiency of vitamin B-12, zinc, folate, etc.

One who is prone to get mouth ulcer should also avoid fluid items like cold drinks, iced tea, and popsicles. Sometimes the canker sores can be more painful if it touches liquid food items.

Some the food items like lemons and pineapples can cause lots of stress on the mouth tissue which can be the reason it takes time to heal the canker sores.

Frequent drinking of coffee is also the sole reason for developing canker sores! Foods that are high in gluten must be avoided if you are prone to canker sores. Gluten is responsible for inducing allergies and these allergic reactions are sometimes responsible for inducing canker sores.

Treatment for canker sores:

The canker sores can be gradually healed if the level of acidity in the mouth reduces. Using tropical products can be very beneficial in getting rid of mouth ulcers

Using medicated mouthwash can be very much effective when it comes to fighting against any bacteria. Apart from using mouthwash, some techniques that need to be followed to get rid of canker sores quickly are using any specific cream that includes lidocaine which protects from swelling and pain. 

how to treat mouth ulcers at home

Some mouth ulcer gels like corticosteroids can be very effective since this type of product can heal quickly and help reduce pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs of Nonsteroidal can be another effective way to get rid of the pain.

Milk of magnesia for mouth ulcers acts as a salt that helps in removing acids in the mouth. Milk of magnesia is chemically known as Magnesium Hydroxide. It’s being used to get rid of pain and also increases the healing process. It is one of the best mouth ulcer treatments.

These are the few and best mouth ulcer treatments available

home remedies for mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcer occur due to stress problems, acidic foods, and minor injuries that have been caused inside the mouth. It has a diverse treatment that will prevent getting rid of such problems like ointments, prescribed gels, and rinses.

Even without taking any proper precautions or treatment, it might get cured in two weeks. But still, it is necessary to take proper precautions so that one doesn’t have to suffer from Mouth ulcers which can be highly painful at times.

Home Remedies to get rid of mouth ulcers:

A few of the home remedies for mouth sores which are very essential to get rid of Mouth ulcer are mentioned below:

  • Alum Powder: We know that Alum Powder is prepared from potassium aluminum sulfate. It has the properties of astringent which enables tissues and canker sores to dry out.
  • You need to make the paste for the implementation by mixing up the alum powder with a drop of water and applying the paste on a canker sore to get the best result. You need to follow this continuously every day to quickly heal the sores.
  • Rinsing with Saltwater: It’s one of the best solutions for mouth ulcers anyone can follow at home if someone is suffering from a canker sore as it enables the sore to dry out. The usage for this application is, you have to put 1 teaspoon of salt in the warm water, then you need to swirl this water in your mouth and spit it out. Follow this every day to get the best result.
  • Paste of salt and baking soda: Add a pinch of salt in lukewarm water and add a little bit of baking soda to it. The baking soda will thicken the solution and make a paste. Apply this paste directly on the region of the sore. This is a very effective home remedy for canker sores.
  • Ice: If the ulcer is giving tremendous pain then wrap some ice cubes in a towel and apply them to the sore. This will reduce the pain and irritation for some time even if can’t cure it completely.

Intake of soft and easy-to-chew foods like ice cream when you are having cancer sore! Foods like milk, and cheese which don’t need much chewing also gives relief.

Risk elements of canker sores

Mouth ulcer can appear on anybody. However, they are more common in females and occur more frequently in adolescents and young adults.

People who experience recurrent canker sores frequently have a family history of the condition. This might be inherited, or it might be a result of a common environmental factor like certain foods or allergens.

Canker sores can be an uncomfortable and painful problem to deal with maybe because of numerous reasons. 

Without any treatment, the majority of canker sores usually heal on their own. Along with numerous methods you can employ to stop symptoms from developing in the first place, there are numerous home remedies you can use to ease symptoms.

However, if your canker sore hasn’t healed after a few weeks or if you experience more serious symptoms or complications, be sure to call your doctor.

How to prevent canker sores

Mouth sores frequently recur, but by using the following advice, you may be able to lessen how frequently they occur:

Watch your diet. Try to stay away from foods that give you a bad mouth. Nuts, chips, pretzels, certain spices, salty foods, and acidic fruits like pineapple, grapefruit, and oranges may be among them. Any foods to which you are sensitive or allergic should be avoided.

Pick nutritious foods. Consume lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to help prevent nutritional deficiencies.

Maintain good oral hygiene practices. You can keep your mouth clean and free of foods that might cause a sore by regularly brushing after meals and flossing once per day. Use a gentle brush and steer clear of toothpaste and mouthwashes that contain sodium lauryl sulfate to help prevent irritation to delicate mouth tissues.

Protect your mouth from braces. Ask your dentist about orthodontic waxes to cover sharp edges if you have braces or other dental appliances.

Be stressfree. Learn and practice stress-reduction strategies, such as meditation and guided imagery, if your canker sores appear to be related to stress.

how to treat mouth ulcers at home

When to visit a doctor?

Suppose you have any of the below symptoms. it is advised to visit a doctor or dentist.

  • When the sore starts spreading.
  • When the sore becomes extraordinarily big.
  • When not healed for more than two weeks.
  • When it disrupts eating or drinking. 
  • Sores along with a high fever

From City Dental Hospital

Canker sores can be an uncomfortable and painful problem to deal with maybe because of numerous reasons. 

Without any treatment, the majority of Mouth sores usually heal on their own. Along with numerous methods you can employ to stop symptoms from developing in the first place, there are numerous home remedies you can use to ease symptoms.

However, if your mouth sore hasn’t healed after a few weeks or if you experience more serious symptoms or complications, be sure to call your doctor.

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