Do you know you damage your teeth while brushing

When it comes to brushing your teeth, there is a proper technique that should be followed. Brushing too vigorously or using the wrong toothbrush can harm your teeth and gums. It can lead to problems like enamel wear and receding gums; this can lead to tooth sensitivity. Many of us tend to brush aggressively, considering it is the only way they can get your teeth to appear clean and look whiter. And when this happens, you are putting yourself in danger for making your teeth sensitive.

How do you damage your teeth

Not sure if you are brushing too vigorously?
Examine your toothbrush. If you have been using it for three months or less, it should still seem relatively new. If it resembles beat up and flat, it’s a sign you are brushing way too hard.

It needs a lot of mindfulness, but you can improve your hard-brushing ways.
Follow these tips to brush perfectly, which help you relieve tooth sensitivity and prevent harm to your teeth and gums:

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush.
Soft-bristled toothbrushes are easily available at grocery stores or pharmacies. You can buy one for yourself and replace it every 3 months or before it frays. Adjust your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to your gums. By doing this, the bristles can strike and clean underneath your gum line.

Gently push the brush back and forth.

Use short, tooth-wide blows to clean the outer, inner, and chewing surfaces of the teeth. If you have gum recession issues, the dentist may suggest you try the roll method. If you are using an electric toothbrush, let it do all the work and just gently glide it over your teeth instead of advancing it. To make sure you are using a gentle grip, try maintaining your toothbrush in your nondominant hand.

Slow down.
Dentists suggest that you should brush your teeth for 2 minutes 30 seconds in each quadrant, twice a day. You can use the timer or take an electric toothbrush that warns you every 30 seconds. For people who have never attempted it, it can seem like an eternity. You don’t know what 2 minutes feels like until you brush that long. But when you are not hurrying to finish, it will make you aware of brushing too aggressively.

Vigorous brushing:
Cleaning your teeth is different from cleaning utensils or cleaning the floor. Vigorous brushing is notably damaging to your teeth. Many people brush their teeth like they clean the floor or use scotchbrite on their utensils. It is the most harmful way of cleaning teeth and should be avoided.

Using too much toothpaste:
Most ads show a large portion of toothpaste being applied on the toothbrush before brushing, and people think that as the prescribed or needed dosage for cleaning everyday. It is entirely wrong. It’s only a marketing gimmick to turn usage of toothpaste, to profit the toothpaste manufacturers. You only need a pea-sized serving of the toothpaste on your brush for adequate brushing.

These tips can help you to keep your teeth clean and your mouth healthy while tackling the symptoms of tooth sensitivity.

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