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Every patient has a unique condition, especially those who are older. It’s essential to maintain good oral health as you become older. The use of medications, aging, and underlying medical conditions can increase your risk of dental problems.       

The natural deterioration of our teeth is one of the many changes that occur to our bodies as we age. Tooth loss associated with aging affects a lot of seniors and can be a source of distress. Thankfully, dental implants provide an amazing remedy for elderly individuals struggling with this kind of problem. 

City Dental Hospital is one of the top dental implant clinics in Gujarat, India; with our skilled staff and modern facilities, we concentrate on offering the greatest care and procedures for dental implant solutions, complete smile makeovers, crowns, and bridges, along with practically all other dental specializations. 

We shall examine how dental implants can enhance the general oral health and well-being of the elderly.

Understanding Dental Implants for the Elderly

A Dental Implant is a prosthesis used to replace a lost tooth. The Implant, which serves as an anchor for a crown and prosthetic tooth, is placed into the jawbone by the surgeon using tools that resemble screws.

The dental implant is covered with a connector, sometimes referred to as an abutment, which holds your crown in place. Your teeth and mouth shape are taken into consideration throughout the crown’s creation.

The specifics of a dental implant surgery vary depending on the type of Implant and the condition of your jawbone. The procedure for dental implant surgery might involve multiple operations.

The main advantage of implants is their ability to provide strong support for your newly placed teeth, a process that depends on the surrounding bone healing firmly. Because bone repair takes time, this process can take several months to complete.

Dental implants have several advantages for senior citizens, such as:

  • Better speaking and chewing – Seniors with dental implants can eat and speak with comfort. Implants work like real teeth and are cemented in place, in contrast to regular dentures.
  •  Enhanced self-esteem: You can smile with assurance after you have dental implants since you know that your teeth look fantastic. This can significantly improve your general sense of self-worth and quality of life.
  • Improved appearance: Implants have the same texture and appearance as your natural teeth. They also stop bone loss in the jaw region, maintaining the natural contours of your face. 

Dental Implant plays an important role in the elderly’s life because older people frequently experience tooth loss, which can lower their quality of life. They may struggle to speak and eat properly, as well as suffer jaw decay.

The good news is that dental implants are a viable option for those seeking a dependable, long-term solution when replacing missing teeth. An implanted tooth appears and feels like a real tooth, and it serves numerous advantages to them. 

Elderly woman having dental implants for seniors at City Dental Hospital.

Advantages of Choosing City Dental Implants for Dental Tourism in India

City Dental Hospital is a top-notch dental hospital in India. Here, we provide clear treatment explanations, flexible scheduling, individualized attention, affordability, and the best patient care. 

At City Dental Hospital we follow very strict and rigid cleanliness rules with state-of-the-art facilities and technology. Our highly skilled professionals help people to feel good, look good, and have more confidence by promoting better oral health. They have great experience in treating elderly patients in terms of dental implants and other oral health issues.

The cost of dental implants in India is much more affordable than compared to the U.S. Dental implants are not very expensive, despite some people’s concerns about their cost. Every therapy involves several processes, which gives the impression that implants are expensive.

Most of us are still unfamiliar with dental implants, even though they have been used to replace lost teeth for the past ten years. For this reason, when comparing dental implant pricing and costs, one should be well-versed in the process and consider every relevant component.

The kind of Implant, the quantity necessary, the material used to create the implants, the prosthesis’s guarantee, plus any additional surgeries that are needed all affect how much full-mouth dental implant therapy will cost.

Dental implants are substantially less expensive in India than they are priced in the U.S. Patients might save up to 70% on dental implant operations. In India, the cost of dental implant surgery can range from INR 15,000 to INR 1,000,000.

At City Dental Hospital, Complete Mouth Dental Implant Sets in 2 package

  • Package One – INR 3,75,000; Crown – PFM; Tooth Removal , CBCT, Implants; 
  • Package Two – INR 5,75,000; Dental Implants, CBCT, Tooth Extraction Zirconium Crowns

Tailored Treatment Plans for Elderly Patients

At City Dental Hospital we offer customized treatment plans to meet the unique needs and concerns of our patients, especially the elderly ones. Using our skilled staff and state-of-the-art facilities, we concentrate on offering the greatest care and procedures for dental implant solutions, complete smile makeovers, crowns, and bridges, along with practically all other dental specialties.

With even greater treatment precision, we offer modern technology, including an intraoral scanner, CBCT, Lateral Ceph, and OPG in-house. We have the best sterilizing system in the world, MELAG-GERMANY. Thus, we guarantee that none of the treatments will result in an infection. Our costs are reasonable, and we provide guaranteed services of the highest caliber, meeting worldwide standards. 

Many people are concerned about what will happen to them during oral surgery. An oral surgeon will, however, tell you that, to guarantee a satisfactory and safe end, your pre- and post-operative actions are just as essential as any treatment-related occurrences. 

elderly sitting in the dentist's office at City Dental Hospital and Dentist is explaining about dental implants for seniors

The majority of elective surgical procedures involve pre-operative assessment, which is necessary to determine the patient’s fitness, especially for elderly patients for surgery, and to spot any potential problems that the anesthetic or surgical teams may need to handle.

Involving multiple healthcare providers, the post-operative care of patients undergoing elective surgery starts during the peri-operative phase. Recurring clinical evaluations and appropriate monitoring are necessary to promptly and effectively identify the indications of surgical complications. 

For optimal comfort and speedy recovery following your surgical operation, you must follow the detailed recommendations that your oral surgeon will tell you, especially elderly patients.

Dental Tourism Experience in India

Rajkot is the ideal choice for dental tourism in India. Rajkot is a prospering, vibrant, historic city that is rich in cultural diversity. Rajkot, a culturally rich city, is therefore often called Rangilu Rajkot, meaning colorful Rajkot.

One of your best options can be City Dental Hospital in Rajkot, India since our dental travel packages in India are the best. You may be guaranteed top-notch dental care & results because of our ten years of experience treating dental patients locally and internationally.

For visitors to enjoy the greatest Dental Tourism in India, City Dental-Implant Hospital also offers free services like: 

  • Our medical staff is available for virtual consultations or second views from the convenience of your own home.
  • Help with obtaining a visa and supporting medical services
  • A committed treatment coordinator to support you at every turn of your therapeutic process.
  • Assistance in making travel-related hotel arrangements while you’re there if needed.
  • Free airport shuttles from Rajkot in both directions.
  • Personalized plans for amusement during your treatment stay; cash, credit card, or wire transfer payments are accepted.

City Dental Hospital assurance a comfortable and stress-free experience for elderly patients and their companions during their stay in Rajkot. We guarantee to see patients as soon as possible because we have the newest equipment, including 15 dental chairs and cutting-edge technology. Every patient will have to wait no longer than fifteen minutes. For our overseas patients, we arrange housing arrangements and offer a range of other services, such as airport transportation.

Handsome sassy senior man assure, showing okay gesture and smiling pleased with affordable dental implant for seniors at City Dental Hospital


Dental Implants are helpful for those Seniors who have weak or missing teeth and struggle to chew and bite their meals. However, dental implants replace lost teeth, allowing seniors to eat without discomfort or toothache. Dental implants help patients regain their ability to bite and chew, which enhances healthy digestion.

Millions of tourists, especially from the United States of America, visit India every year, which makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. The breathtaking scenery and extensive cultural heritage of the nation attract these visitors.

The most popular travel destination in India is the well-known Saurashtra region of Rajkot, which is the second most progressive city in Gujarat and is well-known for its tourism and sightseeing. To the west of the state stands this magnificent metropolis.

Mahatma Gandhi spent a significant amount of time studying at Rajkot, an ancient town in India. As a result, it holds significant importance for him. It consequently still has a significant impact on Gujarati tourism. Rajkot is renowned for its traditional handicrafts.

Experience the finest dental care from dentists with extensive training and cutting-edge technology by visiting Our City Dental Hospital in Rajkot, India.

If you have any queries concerning our dental services or if you are experiencing any dental problems, please get in touch with City Dental Hospital.

Contact us at (91-810000-42000) 

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