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Dental Implants – How long do they take to heal?

A dental implant is placed by evacuating your old tooth, with a titanium post implanted into your jawbone. When the screw is safe and feels adjustable inside the mouth, a crown or overdenture is placed over it to give it a natural look. 

Mostly, the procedure is done under mild sedation, like local anesthesia or diazepam, depending upon the patient’s decision. At City Dental Hospital, our team will work with you to decide the best alternative for you and provide you with directions to plan the dental implant procedure. 

At whatever point you decide to replace a missing or broken tooth with a dental implant, our team will ensure that you’re taken through every step with care and consideration at all times. Dental implants can last forever, so the operation is worth your time and money. 

Implant surgery happens in a few stages. It might require more than a one-time repair. The healing time is in this manner, variable, depending upon what number of teeth are removed and replaced if there was any complication or extended gum problems.

The recovery process begins once the implant screw is inserted in your mouth.

The body needs enough bone structure to hold the complete implant. This process is called Osseointegration — consider it as a plant that develops roots to help itself grow. Although mechanical, the implant will be a piece of your mouth after some time. Dental implant surgery takes up to 8-10 days to recover. Still, the time might differ from patient to patient, and the number of teeth affected during the operation. 

There is practically zero post-operative pain or swelling on account of precise dental implant installation, with zero graftings (e.g. extracting a single missing back tooth or an immediate implant to replace a weak tooth).

With little interruption, patients will have the option to proceed with their lives normally. You should have a soft food diet for a few days and brush the impacted area carefully. The treatment takes care of this, and the dental specialist can recommend post-operative care. 

A patient’s healing process is enormously affected by the way of life the person seeks. For instance, if you’re a smoker, stopping or abstaining from smoking is ideal after dental implant surgery. 

A patient’s healing time might be postponed or reduced because of smoking, irregular eating routine, alcohol consumption, and lack of dental care. Keeping up with your oral hygiene habits and care at home is significant for healing and guarantees that there is no plaque or infection around the gums. 

The recovery time with dental implant treatment will depend on the number of teeth implanted, whether a bone graft is required, and how well the patient handles their healing. Fortunately, in recent years, the science and innovation behind dental implants have improved drastically, improving post-treatment pain and comfort for patients following a medical procedure. 

At City Dental Hospital, we keep the procedure basic, prompting quicker recovery just as turnout time. Apart from dental implants, we offer dental crowns, wisdom tooth extraction, root canal, dentures, full mouth rehabilitation and a half and half embed false teeth. We have the confidence of a perfect and comfortable treatment with City Dental Hospital in Rajkot, Gujarat. A group of globally acclaimed dental specialists deals with everything in detail, and you never get to feel the complexity of the process of dental implants. With City Dental hospital close to you, you can now look after your dental health and checkups. 

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