Everything You Need To Know About Dental Health Insurance in India

Dentist explaining about the dental insurance that covers implants

What is dental Insurance?

Dental procedures have always been expensive, but growing medical costs and inflation have forced them to climb even further. Fortunately, many health insurance plans include dental insurance coverage as a standard benefit or as a bonus.

There is much more to dental health than just having straight and white teeth. It includes maintaining our gums and teeth healthy, which improves our confidence in speaking, eating, and smiling. Protecting dental health is mostly dependent on practicing good oral hygiene, which includes brushing, flossing, and getting regular checkups. 

If you are predisposed to conditions like gum disease, tooth decay, or misaligned teeth, acquiring insurance for dental treatment is useful since these plans help you to get the coverage you need for all your dental necessities.

City Dental Hospital is one of the top hospitals that provides flexible hours, individualized care, cost-effectiveness, clear treatment explanations, and outstanding patient care.

Why Is Dental Health Insurance important?

Dental treatments can be quite costly due to factors including inflation, growing medical expenses, materials, lab setups, and specialized knowledge. It is advised to choose dental care under insurance plans so that you do not have to drain your savings or reduce other necessary spending.

Advantages of Dental Treatment-Covered Health Insurance

Getting a medical insurance package offering dental insurance coverage in India is recommended, as solo dental insurance is difficult to find. 

Financial support

Like other OPD operations, dental procedures can occasionally be somewhat costly. particularly if the illness is severe, complex care is required, and it is received in a major metropolis. Dental insurance policies can assist in this situation by reducing the financial strain associated with paying the medical payment.  

Routine examinations

Maintaining good dental health necessitates routine dental examinations. But only some have the motivation to go to the dentist regularly. Maybe consumers may have regular dental checkups and improved dental health if they know that a Dental Care Insurance Plan covers some dental care costs.

is dental treatment covered in health insurance

Does Dental Treatment Get Covered by Health Insurance?

Dental coverage is not always included in health insurance policies. While several policies could just cover the most basic dental care, others may offer better coverage for more involved procedures like braces and root canals.

Dental care rarely gets covered by health insurance plans as a regular benefit. However, certain insurance has additional riders that cover dental care. It’s critical to thoroughly read your insurance to determine what is and is not covered.

Dental Insurance Coverage

The kind and amount of dental insurance coverage in India varies depending on the insurance company. For this reason, you should compare health insurance policies before deciding as doing such can help you to fully comprehend the range of dental coverage provided by each plan.

Generally speaking, in-patient dental procedures necessary as a result of accidents are covered by most dental coverage in health insurance policies. That is to say, you are covered for anesthetic dental procedures and treatments brought on by diseases, trauma, or accidents that harm your teeth.

OPD treatments mostly encompass other operations like root canals, fillings, and extractions.

It is usually advisable to inquire with your insurance provider regarding coverage for routine dental operations, especially if you are prone to dental problems and require them frequently. You should also inquire about any waiting periods that may apply.

What is OPD? 

The Out-Patient Department (OPD) is a portion of a hospital or clinic where patients who do not need to be admitted receive medical care. Stated differently, outpatient department (OPD) services are intended for patients who come to the hospital or clinic for non-hospital admission consultations, diagnosis, treatment, or other medical services.

For comprehensive treatment, City Dental Hospital can provide interest-free financial services.  In addition, during the consultation, various financial arrangements might be negotiated in private taking the patients’ budgets into account.

The costs correlate with the quality of dental care and services rendered, employing the best and most durable dental materials to guarantee excellent standards and durable outcomes.

is dental covered in health insurance

Things to Consider When Getting Dental Insurance

Sufficient Coverage:

 Seek out health insurance policies that offer sufficient coverage for the dental procedures and treatments that are covered by the plan, in addition to dental insurance.

Selecting policies that allow you to increase coverage during policy renewals is generally advised.

Compare Plans: 

You can determine which dental insurance plans best meet your needs by comparing the various health insurance policies.

Examine the Inclusions: 

Preventive care, regular dental examinations, and fundamental and necessary oral healthcare services may be covered by your dental insurance plan.

Check your policy document to see if the dental plan covers certain examinations and procedures, as well as whether there is a waiting period before you make use of it.

Recognize the Exclusions: 

The majority of dental insurance plans do not pay for procedures or cosmetic treatments. To learn more about the treatments that are not covered by your policy, it is therefore essential to read the policy paperwork.

Network Hospital Locations: 

Because in-patient dental treatments under anesthesia frequently arise from illnesses, accidents, or traumas, hospitalization is necessary.

Easy Claims Process: 

Your insurer’s speed and efficiency in resolving your claims is determined by how easy it is to file claims, therefore this is an important feature to look for. It might make the difference between an easy, click-based, paperless claims process and a drawn-out, time-consuming one that could take hours.

Dental Insurance Coverage Types Of Health Insurance Plans In India

Individual Health Insurance Plans: Dental coverage is available as an extra or base benefit in individual health insurance plans. If the coverage is additional, you have to pay a higher price to get its benefits.

Plans for Critical Illnesses: Under these plans, medical costs paid for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of qualifying illnesses are covered. If dental surgery is included in the list of critical sickness insurance procedures that the policy covers, they might also provide insurance for it.

Family Insurance policies: All family members covered by the family floater plan have their dental insurance costs covered by these policies.

Personal Accident Plans: These plans provide coverage for hospital stays and dental operations resulting from accidents or injuries that may have also caused damage to a person’s teeth.

Plans for OPD Health Insurance: These plans might provide dental coverage for OPD visits, examinations, diagnostic testing, and prescription drugs.

How do dental insurance claims work?

Claims for dental insurance are managed in the same manner as those for other types of insurance. Cashless and reimbursement are the two choices.

  • Due to their tie-up, the insurer pays the hospital or dental facility directly when processing cashless claims. All you need to do is pay the portion that your coverage does not cover.
  • You must pay the bill in full before requesting reimbursement for your expenses when filing a reimbursement claim. After checking the information,  your insurance company will credit your bank account with the appropriate claim amount.


However,  OPD still does not usually cover dental care under Indian health insurance plans. However, some insurance companies do cover dental treatment as an add-on or rider to their health insurance plans. 

Let’s imagine if you are looking for a health insurance plan that covers dental care. In that case, it’s critical that you carefully review the terms and conditions of the insurance to be sure it provides the coverage you need. One of the best dental clinics in Rajkot is City Dental Hospital, where you can start along the path to improved oral health and a smile.

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City Dental Hospital is the first step towards improved health and a beautiful smile. At City Dental Hospital in Rajkot, you can receive the best dental care possible with cutting-edge technology, long-lasting biocompatible materials, and a focus on all preventive, painless, and cosmetic dental procedures. 

With our years of knowledge, we promise to give patients the best dental care possible along with the full variety of services necessary to give you the smile you deserve.

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