Do you really need to Floss your teeth?

How would it feel if you brush your teeth twice daily, floss took care of your oral health religiously and still find out that you have developed gum diseases? Not so good! 

Although oral health is mainly essential for the well-being of your full body health, it is often neglected in India. 

Oral health checks are mired with myths and misconceptions among people. Over 50% of the people in India have a dental issue that includes dental caries, tooth decay, and gum ailment are serious issues. Only a few take this seriously and visit a dentist for their treatment. 

In all probability, the benefits of regular flossing are evident for the wellbeing of your gums and breath-they’re also relatively intangible. Let’s face it. Having healthy pink gums doesn’t give you bragging rights immediately, yet if more individuals comprehended the genuine consequences of poor oral health, it certainly would.

Why is flossing your teeth is Important? 

It is widely perceived that dental plaque is the reason for tooth decay and gum disease. The development of dental plaque is reliant on your dental health practice. Even with the most enthusiastic brushing, food bits that are trapped in the middle of teeth do not leave. Tragically, the gum tissue that is available in the middle of teeth is weaker against potential disease than that is seen on the external and internal surfaces of teeth. Here is where flossing comes in. When appropriately used, flossing can be an efficient interdental cleaner and therefore, a handy tool to prevent gum disease.

The most effective method to floss 

  • A Dental Floss contains 10 to 100 meters of string-like material. Pull out an ideal sum, pulling against a little secured cutting edge in the container to cut off.
  • Hold the dental floss tightly between your thumbs and forefingers. At that point, slide gently between your teeth.
  • Bend the floss around the base of every tooth, ensuring you go underneath the gum line.
  • Never snap or push the floss as that might cut or wound fragile gum tissue. Use the same motion to bring the floss back up and away from your teeth. 
  • For people who find it difficult to floss with the technique mentioned above can use additionally gadgets called floss holders.

What type of floss should one use?

Accessible in different forms, you can utilize whatever type of floss your dental specialist’s recommendation. Here are a couple of frequently available types: 

Based on the material – 

  • Nylon floss-waxed and unwaxed and is available in a variety of flavours. 
  • PTFE floss, single fiber slides effectively between teeth, even those with tight spaces among teeth, and is shred-resistant.

Flossing can help you you prevent – 

Tooth loss: Everyone has a mouth filled with bacteria that need to be cleaned regularly. Bacteria benefits from sugars and starches in the mouth, creating corrosive that disintegrates tooth surface and increases the threat of tooth decay. 

Weight gain: Studies have indicated a potential connection between gum infection and weight gain. The culprit isn’t calories but inflammation, which puts weight on the body and deregulates how fat stored — affecting the fat cells during inflammation resulting in them losing their capacity to control insulin, which stores fat instead of energy. 

Coronary disease: Individuals with gum sickness are twice as prone to coronary diseases. One hypothesis is that periodontal ailment may cause inflammation in brain tissue and arteries, creating clotting compounds.

Many more underlying health issues are often neglected due to a lack of knowledge about oral health. Staying connected with us will help you keep yourself updated on what is going on in the dental industry

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