Energy drinks and your teeth

Energy drinks aren’t as healthy as you think, especially for your teeth. Of course, we can talk all day about the global popularity and genius marketing tactics of the leading energy drinks brands. But….

We can even talk all day about the adverse effects of these well-branded energy drinks on your teeth and oral care.

Energy drinks kill good Oral Health

Oral Health 101 says that sugary drinks cause tooth decay and cavities. So, a few years back, health-conscious people started cancelling sugary beverages. Problem solved? Not really. Energy drinks, which are so deviously branded as super-fuel, contain high amounts of sugar and almost double the acidic content compared to other soft drinks.

The high acidity level in energy drinks is enough to dissolve tooth enamel—the hardest substance in the human body. And in no time, your teeth can become vulnerable to the attack of sugar and the risk of tooth decay and cavities.

Energy drinks and Tooth Enamel

A pH level of 6.8-7 is considered neutral for the saliva in your mouth. One sip of an energy drink causes a dramatic drop in the pH level to as low as 2—creating a highly acidic environment in your mouth which can last for as long as 30 minutes. It’s definitely as concerning as it sounds because your tooth enamel isn’t equipped for such long acid baths.
Millennials and Gen Z view energy drinks as elixir. And emptying 3-4 cans of those highly acidic drinks is nothing out of the ordinary for them. Sure the caffeine in it acts as a long night’s fuel. But in the moment of hyperactivity, you may start grinding your teeth incessantly. This kind of behaviour may cause tooth breakage and possible tooth loss in the long run.
Such habitual consumption of energy drinks drastically increases the probability of losing the enamel covering of your teeth. Eventually, leaving your teeth more prone to sensitivity and decay.
Because of the high amount of sugar present, the harm is multiplied:
When you take a sip, the natural bacteria in your mouth consume the sugar. The by-product of this reaction is acid. Constant contact with the acid leads to the thinning of your tooth enamel. This reaction, in turn, allows the sugar to easily penetrate the outer layer of your enamel and make way for tooth decay and cavities.

Even Dental Erosion?

When the enamel surface of your teeth faces constant exposure to acids, it starts dissolving. It is known as dental erosion. The acidic content in energy drinks causes significant depletion of the enamel surface of your teeth. If left untreated, dental erosion can cause irreversible loss of tooth structure, which requires treatments like fillings, veneers, crowns or even root canal treatment.

Pay excellent and close attention to your oral health to avoid such long-term oral disorders. As the seemingly inconsequential can of energy drink a day (which piles to 3-4 with time) can do adverse harm to your teeth and oral care in your peak physical years.

Can’t Give Up Energy Drinks Altogether?

It’s alright.
Slow down your energy drink consumption rate. Additionally, maintain a healthy diet, one that complements good oral health. Whenever possible, rinse your mouth with water after you’ve emptied an energy drink can. This way, you can reduce the effects of the acidic content in the energy drink considerably. Although, avoid brushing your teeth for 30-45 minutes after you’ve had an energy drink to stop the passage of acid into your teeth. Lastly, don’t skip those necessary dental appointments. They’re instrumental in developing the best core dental health care habits and maintaining peak oral health.

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