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Food habits that are good for teeth and gums

Food habits that are good for teeth and gums

Have you ever considered your food habits affect you dental health

Daily brushing with fluoride toothpaste and flossing is necessary to gain or maintain a healthy smile, but do you know nutrition equally affects your dental health, too?

Eating a spread of nutrient-rich foods from all the meals groups promotes healthy teeth and gums. According to research, a diet of fruits, vegetables, protein foods, calcium-rich foods and whole grains provides essential nutrients for optimum oral health also as overall health.

The following are a few supercharged food habits which will help to create healthier teeth and gums, also as prevent cavity and gum disease.


Well, this might be a piece of excellent news for people who love cheese. Cheese may be a superfood for the teeth thanks to its ability to combat acid erosion of the teeth.
Whenever you eat a meal with bread, desserts, citrus, or soda, your teeth are exposed to tooth decay-causing acid. Eating cheese after a meal can neutralize the acid left behind by a meal, which makes it a superb choice for dessert.


Saliva is formed from 99.5% water. Dehydration can stiffen your saliva, which wreaks devastation within the mouth. Maximum levels of water in your saliva are required to the breakdown of food, neutralizing bacterial acid and inhibiting cavities. While water still isn’t nearly as good as a toothbrush and floss, it can nevertheless aid in conquering plaque by cleaning away food debris. Cleaning with water after drinking coffee or having other staining foods can help reduce staining to the teeth.

Fruits and vegetables

High-fibre fruits and vegetables are your next most desirable choice. Their high fibre in fruits and veggies actually ‘scrubs’ the teeth almost like the way your toothbrush might and incites saliva production due to the additional chewing they require. Greens salad is an all-around healthy punch, with the high water level in crunchy, juicy fruits and vegetables also help to offset the sugar. Keep raw carrots, celery, cucumber and apples (often mentioned as ‘nature’s toothbrushes’) available at the least times and your teeth will thank you!

Green and Tea

Polyphenols, which are found in green and tea, interact with the bacteria that cause plaque by eliminating or suppressing them. Bacteria prey on the sugars in your mouth and, once they’ve had their feast, they excrete enamel by destroying acids. This makes tea a superb choice for during or after a meal, since it suppresses the presence of those acid-producing bacteria within the mouth.


Yes, you heard, right. Eating Chocolate is a functional food habit for teeth and gums! As long as it’s a minimum of 70% cacao, and eaten carefully, of course. Dark Chocolate may be a superfood for the teeth thanks to a compound called CBH which has shown to assist hard enamel, making your teeth less vulnerable to the cavity. However, not all kinds of Chocolate are exact for you. The cacao bean is what houses the great stuff – not the Chocolate itself – so confirm you decide for the bittersweet chocolate option and remember to brush your teeth afterwards.

If you’ve got braces, it’s a realistic idea to avoid Chocolate with nuts. You ought to also store your Chocolate treats at temperature instead of within the fridge – cold, hard Chocolate are often tough to bite.

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