Food that you can eat after dental surgery

Food that you can eat after dental surgery

Many individuals have to undergo dental surgery at some point in their lives. Whether it’s for applying implants or extracting wisdom teeth, the recovery method could be quite uncomfortable, especially when it comes to eating. 

It is hard to find appropriate foods after having surgery, that is soft and easy to eat. It’s necessary to eat what you feel satisfactory and doesn’t cause any pain. One of the most important points is to keep in mind that you shouldn’t use a straw, as it removes the forming blood clots in your gums.

So, what are the most popularly recommended foods you can eat after dental surgery? 

At City Dental Hospital, our professional team provides the best dental services and is ready to give you some advice. Following is the list of foods you can consume after a dental surgery for a smoother recovery process:


Soups are an excellent source of relief for patients that have undergone dental surgery. They provide plenty of protein and are a great alternative to the sugar-filled foods typically recommended after such a procedure. Keep in mind that your soup shouldn’t be too hot. 

Avoid ones that contain larger pieces of meat or vegetables. Smaller bites are more acceptable. To be more precise, good options you can choose are tomato soup, chicken noodle soup or celery cream soup.


Yogurt’s light and smooth texture make it an excellent choice after having dental surgery. Avoid yogurt’s with some supplemented ingredients that have to be chewed.


You can get instant oatmeal packets that are soft to eat and can be flavoured with whatever you like. However, wait for a few days after the surgery before having anything, as oats may cause some irritation. Also, don’t add sliced fruit, just small pieces that you can easily swallow.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes include lots of fibre. This makes them an excellent meal for after dental surgery. You have to whip the potatoes to a smooth texture, and you’ll have something delicious that is also easy to eat. You can coat them with some extras of your choice, like sour cream or butter. Make sure there are no large chunks that could make chewing more difficult. With mashed potatoes, you can have some variation in your post-operative diet.

Scrambled Eggs

Being consistently perfect for breakfast, while you’re at your recovery period, you’d like to supplement scrambled eggs to any meal you prefer. Just mash them up, and you have an incredibly fulfilling soft food that is easy to consume.

Ice Cream

You’ve undergone surgery, and you need to defile yourself. Having ice cream of your favourite flavour could be a delightful treat. Stick to soft-serve as it needs less effort to eat. Furthermore, the cold confection relieves the inflamed tissue and quickens the healing process.


That’s the best option of a delicious drink you could have after dental surgery. Just mix milk and your favourite flavour of ice cream, and you have it. Keep in mind that you should not use a straw, as the pressure may disrupt the healing site as we mentioned.

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