Foods to avoid during braces treatment

Food to avoid during braces treatment

Eating food with braces is very tricky. Traditional braces help us to align teeth and make our smiles more beautiful in the long run. In the short run, braces can make it a little tougher to practice a good oral health routine. Brushing and flossing are more challenging. Also, you need to be aware of what foods to avoid with braces. 

While wearing braces, certain foods are off-limits because they can become stuck in the braces and damage them.

Along with understanding what foods you can eat after getting braces, you should also be aware of what foods to avoid right after getting braces.

There are multiple foods that are fine to eat with braces. However, some “safe” foods might not be ideal immediately after getting braces, since they can irritate your mouth by causing too much pressure and sensitivity.

Here’s a list of foods to avoid during braces treatment:

  • Hard Candy – Sugar is not only bad for your teeth and braces, but you’ll be intrigued to chew the treat, which might ruin your brackets or wires. So avoid it.
  • Sticky Foods – Sticky foods will tend to get stuck in your braces and make cleaning a nightmare. Gum and caramel are the worst prisoners, but you should also avoid peanut butter, maple syrup, and related items.
  • Inedibles – Many people, unintentionally chew on pens or bite their fingernails, both of which can damage braces.
  • Other Hard Foods – This includes everything from harder varieties bread-like pizza crust, to nuts, to vegetables like raw carrots. Since they need so much force to bite through, they can damage your wires and brackets. Boil or steam raw vegetables, so they become soft. If you eat hard bread, consider softening it with broth or sauce.
  • Ice – Having a cube of ice in your drink is OK, even sucking on ice chips is fine, but do not bite or chew ice. This is probably the most obvious culprit when it comes to damaged braces.


Remember, never consider braces as a diet. According to a story in the Journal of Innovative Dentistry, patients with braces usually tend to miss essential nutrients in their diet because they are avoiding several foods, especially in the period after braces get tightened.

Don’t let that be you. So, make sure that you are receiving your daily dose of protein, fibre, calcium, and iron from the meals you eat. 

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Wearing braces can be troublesome, whether you are a kid or an adult, but guarding your teeth and eating the proper kinds of foods, can make all the difference down the road.

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