How to care for your teeth during festivals & weddings

The festive season is overloaded with sumptuous food, desserts, and a feeling of joy alongside exchanging gifts. Food has a major significance on festivals and often fosters the festive spirit that individuals forget to mind and gorge on food and sweets. With the ongoing festive season, we tend to get so busy with our lives that we neglect our basic dental care and the festive season calls for us to relish the possibility of gorging on all kinds of delicacies. 

Individuals anticipate big treats, for example, homemade desserts, laddoos, Mysore Pak, jalebi, chocolates, etc. This lavish expenditure in the joyful season is often responsible for the resulting tooth decay, toothache, and other dental problems.

Festival Tooth is a Sweet tooth

Only beware, the uninvited guests in your mouth may find your food just as tasty. The microscopic organisms that cause the underlying oral cavity-tooth decay and gum infection are generally present even in a healthy mouth. They need is the favorable environment to multiply into numbers that can cause various oral diseases.

So how do you care for your dental hygiene during festive and wedding seasons?

Below are a couple of tips to help ensure that you are the prime of your oral health.

  • While it might be irrelevant to abstain from eating desserts altogether, it is sensible to keep away from binge eating.
  • Rinse your mouth vigorously even at the chance of losing the rich, lingering aftertaste of your favourite sweets. 
  • Sticky starch being the chief food causing oral bacteria that colonize tooth decay needs rinsing as the right way to prevent their accumulation anywhere in the mouth.
  • There is a wide variety of sweets that are consumed during the festive season. Some of them often leave residues in the molars that can further progress into tooth decay and cavities. 
  • Brushing and flossing every day is necessary not only to ensure your tooth are clean but to prevent the growth of bacteria. 
  • An antibacterial mouthwash should be used throughout the festive season.
  • Kids are more likely to contact oral diseases during this time as they have a tendency for excessive eating and irrespective of the health effects. 
  • Parents are usually too caught up with other things to pay the individual attention they need at this time.
  • So exercise extra watchfulness to ensure that children continue to take care of their teeth even while enjoying their sweets.
  • Older people have an increased prevalence of diseases such as diabetes. Uncontrolled eating may spoil not only teeth but also worsen blood sugar levels, which in return, lead to various complications, including gum disease.

In brief, festive offers may be useful when it comes to buying festive goods, but make sure it does not include- a buy a goody get a disease-free offer. The festive season begins with its set of new challenges that require an even vigil on the preservation of oral hygiene.

It is also essential that you brush your teeth at least twice daily and use the correct brushing technique such as the modified bass brushing technique, followed by flossing and regulation of prescribed mouthwashes. Kindly visit us in case of any dental problem or for a thorough dental assessment.

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