How to fix the gap in front teeth

Gap teeth are prevalent, but sometimes they can become a bit of a bother. You may don’t like the look of them or find that food gets trapped between the gaps, which can cause gum problems.

Fortunately, your teeth gap doesn’t have to be permanent. There are numerous treatments available for “gap teeth.” These treatments fix your gap problem with both aesthetic and health benefits for your smile.

Common causes of the teeth gap are:

  • Lost tooth or teeth
  • Tiny teeth for comparatively more gigantic jaws
  • A thick, sturdy tissue, called the labial frenum connects the upper lip to the gums
  • Tongue-thrusting habit
  • Thumb-sucking habit
  • Poor gum health or gum disease

How to Fix Gap Teeth problem?

There are many affordable ways to seek treatments that fix the gaps in your teeth. An improper size of your jawbones can cause auxiliary space between your teeth.

Following are a few treatments used to fix teeth gaps:

Invisible braces

Invisible braces are incredible for closing the gaps in your teeth as well as aligning crooked teeth. Although small gaps can also be adjusted by bonding and veneers, you should invest in invisible braces to shut significant gaps. Invisible braces are a transparent aligner that fixes your teeth without declaring its presence openly. It is expensive but at the same time more costly than traditional braces. It works to shut the gaps between your teeth.

Dental Bonding

Tooth bonding is a quick fix for significant gaps. The tooth-coloured resin will be applied to your tooth and strengthened using a special light. After a few hours, your tooth will look rational even if it was chipped or broken. The equipment used to create dental bonding is stain resistant to an extent; it is not as resilient as crowns.

Veneers and Crowns

A porcelain veneer relates to a pale shell that can be coupled to the front of your tooth. However, the dentist will extract a small portion of your enamel before combining the veneer. On the other hand, dental crowns are formulated to fit over most of your tooth. A crown is implied to cure the damage influenced by trauma or decay.


Dentures are a removable alternate for your teeth, and you can opt for partial or extensive dentures. Patients usually opt for dentures when they have extracted multiple teeth, and the comprehensive health of their mouth becomes a question. If you have tiny gaps, these dentures will function as removable implants.


Dental implants can be either removable or fixed teeth that correspond to your natural set of teeth. If you have a foot-tooth with a broad gap, you should opt for dental implants. A synthetic enamel tooth will be plopped into your gum or bone. Skilled specialists are the only ones who can perform this dental treatment.

The dental implants success rate is 98%, but they are more vulnerable than natural teeth. If you add too much pressure, then it can dislodge an implant, but regular users will not. Once you get used to the dental implant, you will not be apt to distinguish it from your natural teeth.

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