How to Keep Your Gums and Teeth Healthy

Gum and Teeth

Do you have a toothache? Are you searching for what to do for healthy teeth and gums? Or simply looking for some home remedies to have good teeth? No matter your answer, we got you covered. 

We will not only tell you the tips but also the difference in taking care of your teeth across all ages. There are plenty of ads for the leading toothbrush brands and the new ones rising in the market. And also we can see endless toothpaste ads. But a few show tips to have healthy teeth and gums. So most of us forget about the essential method to maintain our oral hygiene. 

Worry not, we, the team of City Dental-Rajkot Implant Hospital are here to remind you of basic dental care in steps.  City Dental Hospital is the best Dental Implant Clinic in Rajkot. 


Newborn – Infant

Before the infant age takes a step back, the parent should run a clean, damp washcloth to clean away the bacteria. You can also use a small soft-bristled toothbrush for the same. The pediatrician would also suggest the same.  

And a baby’s teeth should be checked within the first 4-5 months of the teeth coming in. When teeth start coming out, parents should gently floss them. Healthy habits from the beginning will ensure healthy teeth in the coming years. 

Note: Letting your baby sleep with a milk bottle in their mouth for hours can damage a baby’s teeth. Sugary substances in the formula and the milk can have adverse effects on the teeth and act as the base of tooth decay in infants.

Two years of age

By the age of two years, teach your baby to brush their teeth properly. As she grows up to be a teen, buy her a soft-bristled toothbrush. Soft-bristles toothbrushes and toothpaste containing fluoride act as a healthy combo for your teeth. 

Note: Replace toothbrushes every 3-4 months and make it a habit for your child to maintain the same in the future. This prevents the bacteria from the toothbrush from returning to your mouth. These tips for healthy teeth and gums will create a good practice in the long run. 

Teenage – Adulthood

From teenage to adulthood, our surroundings introduce us to many bad habits which not only affect the strength of our teeth but also our overall health. One of which is smoking daily. If you have undergone a dental procedure recently, it will heal slowly. Smoking weakens the immune system and makes it difficult for our body to repair tissues. 

 So keep these bad habits in check and you will know soon why is oral hygiene important. Also if you have a crooked tooth, you can use Invisalign, which is now preferred more than braces. Consult your dentist on how to use it.  

Note: Experts suggest having a glass of water before brushing your teeth in the morning. And remember to rinse your mouth 15-20 minutes after brushing. This will prevent the fluoride from washing away from the mouth without doing any task. 

Old Age

Lastly, old age makes us suffer a lot if our overall health is not maintained from an early age. Dental problems might seem insignificant for many, but it bars aged people to have their favorite food if in case it has a hard or chewy texture.  

Also, the most common teeth disease common in old people is periodontal disease (one which results in sore, bleeding gums and one cannot chew without suffering from pain; it can also lead to tooth loss, if not treated on time). 

Note: If you are a diabetic patient, consult your doctor timely keep it in check as this problem can also sometimes result in dental problems. 

Gum and Teeth


  • Having candies, that are chewy and sugary. These leave an effect on your teeth by producing acid in your mouth and then cavities. 

  • Hormonal changes in women; menopause can lead to bone loss around the jaw causing periodontitis or tooth decay

  • As mentioned earlier, smoking is injurious to teeth. When smoked regularly, it creates plaque on your teeth. It should be removed with each brushing and flossing.

  • Some medicines, taken to tackle depression or hypertension, can sometimes lead to gum swelling and thus, teeth problems.

  • At times, oral problems depend on genetic factors. This explains the reason behind having a snaggletooth or crooked teeth.


Use a mouthwash – With mouthwashes on the rise, it has become an important part of dental hygiene discussions. Look out for mouthwashes that consist of chlorohexidine, fluoride, and some other essential oils. 

These mouthwashes help to control the increase of plaque in your teeth. If not removed with brushing or mouthwash, it turns into tartar, which is then safe for a dentist to remove.  

Clean your tongue – Most people ignore cleaning the tongue daily. Studies show that cleaning your tongue removes the bacteria attached to it. Yes, bacteria do not only reside in your gums or teeth but also in your tongue. This further enhances your taste buds to function properly. 

Use a tongue cleaner after brushing your teeth. If you do not have it, then your brush will do the work, though partially.  

Visit to the dentist – Another factor that leads to serious teeth problems is missing dentist appointments. Your teeth may seem perfectly fine, but who knows visiting a dentist might reveal an underlying dental issue. 

Dentists suggest scaling to be done once a year, it keeps your teeth strong for a long time.

Flossing your teeth – Flossing alongside regular brushing is prescribed to almost every person. Even if you haven’t seen a doctor yet, any medical shopkeeper will guide you through the process. Although, we would suggest you take advice from the experts only.

The process of flossing is really easy. Once the floss touches the gum, immediately curve it around one tooth. 


People relied on home remedies for good teeth when there were no scientific medications back in the day. If you are someone who visits dentists only when you have a toothache or suspect a tooth disease then this section is for you. Below are a few home remedies that keep your oral health in check:

1. Apply cloves – You must have seen your parents put a clove in a dish. Apart from being a secret highlight in a dish, it also does wonders for our bodies. Take one clove from the container a keep it inside your mouth until you feel the urge to chew it. Don’t start chewing it straightaway.  

Cloves not only help you keep your gums healthy but also relieves frequent cough and cold attacks.  

Other ways you can apply clove to your gums:

  • Buy clove oil from your nearby medicine store and apply it to your gums
  • Also, making clove oil at home has the same effects as buying it from the store. 
  • Mince a few cloves as needed. Put the crushed parts in a small container. Dip a cotton on it and gently dab it on your gums. Leave it for a minute or two. Take a sip of water and keep it in your mouth to gather the cloves

2. Apply turmeric gel
– Turmeric is the main ingredient of many home remedy medicines. It makes us healthy and also our skin. And it also does not fail to help us recover from toothache and have healthy gum.  

Either you can buy it from the stores or make a turmeric gel at home, which is once again very easy to make like the clove oil. 

Applying turmeric prevents your gums from inflaming and gets rid of bacteria in your mouth. 

3. Salt in warm water – Well, it does sound like a remedy for sore throat, but believe us it can multitask. It can be used as a mouthwash that helps to get rid of germs in your gums and mouth. 

How to use it as a mouthwash? It is easy-peasy – after warming the water, pour it into a cup and put 1 teaspoon of salt in it. Take a sip and rinse it in your mouth for at least 30-40 seconds. Spit it out and repeat the same at least twice a day. 

You can alter the three home remedies each day or apply any two of the three remedies daily. These are some of the easy tips for healthy teeth and gums

Gum and Teeth


Hope you have gone through each section and understood the importance of having healthy teeth and gums. TV ads present white and healthy teeth as a way to impress the person you like. But oral hygiene does not serve that one purpose for sure. Maintaining good oral hygiene saves you time and money to buy tons of medicines for every minor inconvenience.  

Yes, but visit the dentist timely to be aware of your dental health and City Dental-Rajkot Implant Hospital is always at your service. Our dentists assure you of a good dental treatment and help you enjoy your favorite foods. We wish you healthy teeth and gums in your life ahead.

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