Invisible Braces – Things every orthodontic patient should know

If you are adamant about getting straighter teeth, then invisible braces are your answer. Here are a few things you should learn before getting invisible braces. 

Do you want to get beautifully aligned teeth? But do not want to go through the pain and suffering of metal braces. 

What are Invisible braces?

Invisalign – also called invisible braces – provide dental patients with a scope of discrete treatment choices that can assist with fixing both the upper and lower teeth. This realignment of the teeth could incorporate the use of Clear braces to enhance moderate crowding (moving the teeth separated from each other).   

Invisible braces usually present a discreet alternative in contrast to conventional metal braces, an excellent choice for individuals who may need to re-fix teeth following a relapse – which means the patient doesn’t need traditional metal braces.

Invisible braces are suitable for use in comprehending orthodontic crowding and gapping issues in adult patients, depending upon the kind of treatment plan set forward by your dental specialist for an ideal result.

 Clear braces include: 

  • Aligners 
  • Lingual braces
  • Ceramic brackets

There are different advantages of each brace and treatments specifically designed for various orthodontic treatments. 

Most dental procedures identifying with clear braces require the patient to invest in a program of around six months to two years. This time of the treatment will vary contingently on the age of the patient and the degree of treatment required to adjust the teeth.

How is Invisalign made? 

Depending upon factors like the type of braces and the materials used in the making may vary.  

Materials are chosen dependent on characteristics, for example, protection from recoloring and high resistance (to withstand any potential contact with food or cutlery when eating, for instance). Clay/porcelain is used to create discrete or clear brackets that support appended teeth. Polycarbonates (plastics) are utilized in the development of the Invisible Braces. 

The molds for the Invisible Braces are built in layers using a photo-sensitive liquid resin that preserves into a hard plastic when exposed to a laser. They are made from an elastic thermoplastic material that applies pressure to the teeth to move into the braces position.

What is the process of getting Invisible Braces?

The Invisible braces process intends to accomplish the ideal aesthetic result as concurred by your dental specialist during the consultation. Ultimately, it implies creating a beautiful smile that makes the patient confident. 

Following a consultation – during which the different alternatives will be represented to the patient – a series of molds/computerized checks/X-rays/photography will be taken as required. Given the results, your orthodontist or dental specialist will design the best treatment plan comparative with the patient’s quality of required treatment and with regards to the patient’s desired outcomes.

How do Invisible Braces move your teeth? 

Depending upon the kind of Invisible braces preferred for the treatment procedure, how the teeth will be moved in the mouth will vary. For instance, where a patient is undergoing Invisalign treatment, each aligner must be replaced frequently, compared to traditional braces to move the teeth step by step. 

You will be required to change Invisalign every 2-4 months, depending upon the results it shows on your teeth. The braces tray pushes the teeth into proper alignment as desired by the patients, gradually.

What are the benefits of clear braces?

Invisible braces provide patients with various benefits. To start with, Invisalign presents patients with a teeth alignment choice that eliminates the stigma associated with metal braces. Patients do not have to go through the pain and embarrassment of having metal braces. During the treatment, which can take at least 12 weeks to 2 years, and during this development, patients do not have to worry about food restrictions. Patients facing problems with their bite will see a tremendous improvement in the upper and lower teeth as they will be in perfect alignment. Also, adequately aligned teeth cause trivial health issues relating to gum disease, dental decay, and the build-up of plaque-causing acids.  

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