Is gum bleeding a normal problem

Is your Gum Bleeding? You’re brushing your teeth like normal, and suddenly you see bleeding around your gums. At this moment, your thought process starts juggling between “Is this normal?” and “Is this trouble for my oral health?”
Well, bleeding gums are common and, more often than not, treatable at home. So, if you’re experiencing occasional minor gum bleeding, take it as a sign that you need to go strictly by the book when it comes to teeth and oral care.

Common Causes of Gum Bleeding (With Home Remedies)

Common Causes of bleeding Gums With Home Remedies

Change in Brushing or Flossing Routine

Like us, our gums, too, are slaves to habit. Therefore, even a small change to your routine teeth and oral care can lead to bleeding gums.
Changes like a recent switch from soft to stiff bristles, minor adjustments in your brushing or flossing routine can cause bleeding gums. In such cases, the bleeding will stop once your gums get used to the change. Now, if the bleeding gums continue to be a cause for anxiety, it’s best to consult your dentist.

Not Brushing or Flossing Enough

Neglecting the golden oral health rule of brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes and flossing often leads to bleeding gums. A consistent aversion allows bacteria & plaque to grow & form around your teeth and gums. It can very easily cause gingivitis.
So, sparing two minutes for brushing is way better than sparing them for noodles.


Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease, occurring due to plaque accumulation around the gum line. In consequence, the swollen gums bleed at the slightest contact while brushing or flossing. You can avoid major oral health disorders. You just have to follow the dental recommended teeth and oral care routine regularly.

Pregnancy Gingivitis

Due to the massive hormonal changes during pregnancy, a woman’s body might react differently to the bacteria that cause gum diseases. And this change may show in the form of gingivitis symptoms. However, the symptoms usually go away after pregnancy. To treat the mild discomfort, take the issue on a call with your dentist.

Lack of Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins & minerals play a most crucial part in maintaining good oral health. A deficiency in vitamins C, K & D, calcium and magnesium can gradually leave your teeth and gums vulnerable to attacks. To stop such disorders from taking roots, commit and keep the junk food for the past. Post the pledge; you can connect with your dentist for a detailed dietary plan.

Negative Stress

There’s a thin link between periodontal disease and stress. Stress can severely weaken the immune system, thereby taming the body’s defenses in its fight against gum diseases. In some scenarios, people start neglecting their oral health at the onset of negative stress, leaving the body defenseless just the same. On the same basis, a stress reduction can bring about positive changes.

Smoking (Excessive or Not)

Smoking is injurious to your oral health in more ways than one. The lethal smoke increases the risk of sensitive gums and other gum diseases. Smokers commonly face the accumulation of plaque around their teeth and gums. And this eventually leads to bleeding gums. The grave risk here is the potential contact of bacteria with the bloodstream via the bleeding gums. Quitting smoking can stop the bleeding and quicken the healing process of the gums.

When To See Your Dentist?

If you think that your bleeding gums are causing unnecessary stress, visit your dentist to earn both physical & mental relief.
Sometimes, bleeding gums can pose the threat of underlying causes like diabetes, hemophilia, and leukemia. A habit of making regular dental visits enables your dentist to identify any such abnormalities at early stages.

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