Is Routine Teeth Scaling and Polishing Necessary?

Routine teeth scaling is necessary to save Our teeth from covered with a layer of food we consume, and this turns into plaque and calculus. This deposition of layers can cause severe teeth problems like gingivitis and periodontitis. The reason for this deposition is that the mouth has a bacterial film that keeps covering up the teeth surface. The mouth produces saliva containing calcium that keeps the teeth healthy and active.

As a person eats the food gets converted into sugar and starch, which later mixes with bacteria. As this process continues, the teeth are frequently exposed to acids, that can hurt the enamel and also the roots. Hence, It is necessary that routine brushing is complemented by a more thorough dental cleaning such as scaling and polishing.

Who should get the Routine teeth scaling treatment?

Scaling and polishing is advice to be done routinely to keep your teeth healthy. People of different ages can consider doing scaling and polishing once the damage starts. Although, those who are experiencing the symptoms of the disease may still proceed with the scaling procedures as it can prevent infections from spreading. A person with bad breath, yellow teeth, and cavities may think about deep cleaning with scaling and polishing. The different bacteria in your mouth release a substance due to their metabolic function, and that results in bad breath. Bad breath can also result in gum disease like halitosis.

How does the procedure work?

The procedure begins with a dosage of anaesthetic to the gums and teeth to decrease discomfort. Once the anaesthetic numbs your gums, the dentist will use different types of instruments for scaling. The procedure begins with an ultrasonic device that sends vibrations to the teeth to loosen the more noticeable and significant deposits. The tool sprays cold water to remove the debris away as the procedure goes on.

Once the notable deposits have been removed, the dentist may then shift to hand scalers, to knock down smaller deposits, particularly those caught in between teeth. After scaling is completed, the dentist will then continue with polishing using a handpiece equipped with a cup filled with soft rubber. A fluoride paste is placed on the rubber cup and used to polish the teeth. Once the procedure is done, the patients are advised to eat after 30 to 60 minutes.

Why is it necessary?

Plaque is the sticky layer that continually forms on your teeth. This should be cleaned daily with brushing and flossing twice. The deposition of this layer for a longer time forms a thick layer called tartar. It’s the dirty looking layer of mineral deposits and can be hard to clean with a regular brush. Professional Scaling is the only option left for the cleaning of your teeth. This procedure is essential to remove the plaque and tartar layer from your teeth. If it is not cleaned, then it will start to cause cavities and other dental issues.

How often should you get it done?
It is always advisable to consult with your dentist about it, keeping in mind if you have fillings or dental implants. Commonly, it is recommended twice a year. If you have good oral hygiene, some of them suggest that you get it done once a year.

Is it a painful process?
If there are only partial tartar deposits, it may not be painful, but if not, your dentist will give you local anaesthesia before the procedure. There can be a small amount of bleeding as the plaque and tartar usually cause gum soreness, and touching highly inflamed gums can precipitate bleeding.

In the case of the beginning of any gum disease, teeth cleaning or scaling is all you need. Nevertheless, if the gum disease has advanced to further stages like periodontitis, additional treatment might be required. For routine scaling and polishing, you can contact us on our website.

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