is TMJ curable without surgery

There are Much Confusions Around TMJ. Here we are going to clear everything for you.

The new-fangled dentistry and healthcare sectors are now all equipped with up to the minute technology and tools for the betterment of people. Especially the dentistry rostrum has curved to technology and availability of specialist for every possible disorder ranging from minor to major and from facile to complicated. The term surgery and hospitality often get people into the pond of fear. People gulp terror after being advised for an operation or surgery for their betterment. They expect a ray of hope that the healing shall execute without operational tools and surgical process. The current dentistry is mould in rapid and executes a procedure that obtains minimum use of operational tools.

TMJ and Disorder

TMJ(Temporomandibular Joint) is a muscle or bone that connects your jaw and skull. TMJ’s primary function is to assist you in the free movement of your jaw and mouth. The moment of your jaw gets difficult and releases the senses of pain in the nerves while you are experiencing a TMJ disorder. The disorder or any flaw regarding the TMJ bone gets strenuous at the initial stage and, one can struggle to find the exact cause of the pain of TMJ disorder.

Disorders of TMJ

TMJ disorder can get onerous to identify at the beginning as the pain in a jaw can occur for various reasons like arthritis, jaw injury, or any other issues. The majority of people who are suffering from a TMJ disorder aren’t conscious of the TMJ disorder. They believe the pain is a primary ache overlook the initial symptom of a TMJ disorder. According to a study, there is a fact proved that in the majority of TMJ disorders the pain and tenderness are usually are alleviated over time by self-care or safety measures that a person has done.

Treating TMJ without surgery

People are highly inclined towards surgery-free treatment and sense safety when a non-operational activity is suggestion drops in their ear nerves. The primary cause of a TMJ disorder is a misalignment in your jaw. The TMJ disorder is corrected or cured by neuromuscular dentistry. Neuromuscular dentistry heals the misalignment of the jaw. Once the jaw is aligned and gets back to its original place, it functions smoothly and does not create any problem regarding facial movements.

Steps to treat TMJ without surgery

According to an American doctor treating a TMJ disorder contains specific steps to get the jaw to its accurate position.


Sonography is the primary proceedings of any treatment to get an insight into the complication. Sonography during TMJ is required to know if there are any vibrations in your joint when you open or close your mouth.


The electromyography (EMG) picks electrical impulses in your jaw o notify the force capacity sent to different areas of the mouth.

Jaw Tracker-

Jaw tracker examines and displays a 3D of how your lower jaw functions.


Tens assist you in relieving muscles spasms and gradually helps the jaw to move in its accurate way.

All these tests and activities will highly help your jaw function properly. A better function of jaw movement minimizes the TMJ disorder without any surgery and operation.

There are other measures to treat a TMJ disorder without undergoing surgery.

Physical Therapy Exercise

There are a bunch of exercises for multiple purposes but, there is some exercise that tremendously helps one in healing their TMJ disorder. The majority of exercise are related to facial movements, highly jaw moments.
Further exercise may focus on your neck and shoulders as tension traction in any of these are can flare up the case.

Avoid mouth activities that can cause pain.

Restrict any movement that brings strain and pressure to your jaw and facial muscles. You cannot afford any further strain and pain during the TMD span. Avoid activities like chewing gum, repetitive yawning. Doing such activities can help you in preventing TMJ disorder.

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