Know how missing teeth can hurt your oral health

Know how missing teeth can hurt your oral health

Adult teeth are meant to serve you for life. Regrettably, due to several reasons from evading dental treatment to treat tooth decay to advanced gum disease to facial injuries, teeth do fall out. Despite being one of the toughest substances found on your body, the tooth’s enamel is exposed to the damaging effects of enamel-eating bacteria.

Missing teeth can be unsightly or embarrassing, but they could also cause far more difficulties than a self-conscious smile. What you may not have understood about missing teeth is that they can have lasting consequences on your overall oral health. Here are some of the reasons that you should reconsider having a missing tooth replaced at City Dental Hospital.

Problems Missing teeth can cause

Gum disease

Not only does the gap in your teeth pose as a possibility for your teeth to move into it but also leaves that section of your gums more vulnerable to sugars and foods. Leaving your gums exposed to this dangerous debris can head to a greater risk of gum disease, which can be unpleasant and require further, unavoidable dental treatment.

Gum disease is widespread, and if you leave your gums susceptive to a disease, you leave yourself even more unsafe. By using dental implants to fill the gap, you protect the gums and help to keep not only your teeth but the rest of your mouth healthful.

Restricts diet

Your teeth function as a team, and every tooth has a distinct role. Similar to sports like football, losing one or more team members can make the team weak and unable to perform precisely. Missing your back teeth can affect the way you chew your food while missing front teeth can make it more troublesome for you to bite.

A missing tooth can make it more complicated to enjoy favourite foods such as carrots, apples and other crunchy food. Failure to consume these healthy foods can harm your general health because you aren’t acquiring necessary nutrients.

Bone loss

Usually, the teeth stimulate the underlying bone known as the alveolar bone by exerting pressure on it through chewing and biting motions. One or more missing teeth causes the alveolar bone to gradually shrink as it is no longer being stimulated. Such shrinking or resorption can ultimately weaken chewing ability; it can also cause the lower third of the facial structure to fail.

Hurts self-confidence

Sharing meals with colleagues, friends and family members is a regular occurrence for most people. Still, missing teeth make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious, so you start avoiding social interactions and become isolated.

A missing tooth can also alter speech patterns, directing to further loss in confidence and embarrassment. When you have a missing tooth restored, it can take a little while to get accustomed to a foreign object in your mouth. Nevertheless, this is a temporary stage and is far better than hiding your mouth every time you smile.

Affects jawbone density

Teeth secure the integrity of jawbone quality. A gap left by one tooth falling out can make the bone density shrink. Without healthy jawbone density, there is a higher possibility of the patient’s gum receding with the unfortunate consequence of additional teeth falling out.

We understand that dental implants can represent a significant investment, but they can substantially reduce your chances of encountering any dental health problems in the future that may require additional treatment. You will be praising your dental implants for years to come, so if you are

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