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Learn best dental tips on how to eat with dentures

Learn best dental tips on how to eat with dentures

When you are eating with dentures, it isn’t like eating with your regular teeth. You have to look after many aspects like not chew on only one side of your mouth as it can loosen your dentures and cause them to slip. Foods with certain textures can break or displace them, so be calm and give yourself a few weeks to get adjusted to your dentures. 

While wearing Dentures, you’ll have to avoid some foods.

To help you out, the following are some of the dental tips on how to eat with dentures.

Chew on both sides of your mouth. Remember, the food should be in the back on both sides of your mouth or in the front edges. Chew gently at the same time on both sides. It will help your dentures to stay in place and will equally distribute the chewing pressure.

Avoid chewing with your front teeth. Never try to bite food with your front teeth as there are chances of uprooting your dentures. So, bite the food with your side teeth and use your tongue to bring food to the back of your mouth. Chew thoroughly and gently before you swallow.

Break your dentures in with a liquid diet. If you have never used dentures before, it may be difficult for you to eat any solid food. Drink nutrient-dense liquids like fruit and vegetable juice. Other good alternatives include:

  • Tea or coffee sweetened with honey
  • Soups or biscuits without chunks of other foods

 Transition to a soft diet. These foods are soft to chew and swallow. Cut or crush your food before eating, if necessary. In addition to soft foods, you be on your liquid diet, or you can also eat:

  • Soft cheese, eggs, mashed potatoes or ground meat
  • Soft fruits, boiled rice, and pasta
  • Bread and cereals softened with milk or water

Cut chewy foods into smaller pieces. Cut your apple or raw carrot into manageable chunks instead of biting into the whole thing. You can remove corn from the cob with a sharp knife, tear the pizza crust. You need to adjust your eating technique for some particular food. 

Steam your vegetables. This will help you to maintain their flavour while giving them a softer, yet somewhat crispy texture. Pour about 1 inch of water into a large pot, set to high flame and let it come to a rolling boil then place a steaming basket and add your fave fresh vegetables. Let the veggies to soften for about 10 minutes.


  • You should remove your dentures out every night to let your gums heal and recover.
  • To make sure your dentures are convenient, have them fit by a professional.
  • If you have a denture for the upper arch, you might notice a change of taste in the beginning. However, it shouldn’t be permanent as most tastebuds are on your tongue. If your sense of taste doesn’t change after a few weeks, then talk to the dentist immediately.
  • Use denture creams or powders as an option to the adhesive. Ask your dentist what they recommend.

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