List Of Bad Foods That Damage Your Teeth

List of bad foods that damage your teeth

What food we eat influences so much on our dental health

As you are about to read this blog, you might probably know how valuable your oral health is for overall well being. You might also be aware of the importance of your diet and foods for your dental health. It really resembles the saying “You are what you eat” rings more accurate and truer when it comes to dental health as it’s even more important than usual.

We have already explained at great length what are the best foods for healthy teeth and gums are in another post. 

Well, it’s time to see what parts of your diet could put your oral health at danger.

Following Are The Worst Foods and Drinks for Your Teeth and Gums:


Those buttered puffy particles get stuck between your teeth and promote bacteria growth. Please beware of the crunchy pieces as it can lead to cracked teeth and the sharp hulls that can lead to cut gums. 

Soft drinks

Syrupy drinks such as sodas and sports drinks are especially bad for teeth when sipping for extended periods of time. Remember, diet sodas should be avoided too because they might lack in sugar, but it doesn’t mean they lack acidity.

Hard candy

These treats stay in the mouth for a long time as you wait for them to melt and deliver their sugary goodness. It could take up to 10 to 15 minutes for some hard candies to melt, and there are no health benefits incorporated with hard candy. So, beware of potential dental difficulties like cracked teeth and cuts on the inside of the mouth if you eat it.

Beverages with alcohol

Alcohol promotes dry mouth and causes natural saliva production to decrease. Saliva benefits washing away food particles and providing a slime layer to protect your teeth from acid. Alcohol also aggravates all the soft tissue in the mouth.


Please don’t suck on lemons. It’s very harmful to wash teeth in acid. Foods high in acids, such as limes, lemons and tomatoes, can develop tooth decay when eaten alone. These foods have nutritional value only when you prepare it with a meal, so enjoy them but remember to wash your mouth with water after eating them as it helps buffer the acid.

Potato chips

Starchy foodstuffs like potato chips, corn chips, and white bread get trapped between teeth and feed bacteria that cause plaque.

Dehydrated fruits

Although dried fruits are more nutritious than processed fruit snacks, they are still glutinous and high in sugar. Unmistakably brush and floss after eating them.

Peanut butter and Jam

Peanut butter is glutinous and often made with sugar. Try natural peanut butter which has no added sugars to reduce the problem. Along with peanut butter, the jam is stuffed with sugar. Even the all-fruit brands contain natural sugars which promote plaque and bacteria if not rinsed straight away.

Coffee and tea

Coffee and tea not only tint your smile an enchanting shade of brown, but if they are sweetened, they also make the teeth ropy, which means more food particles can hook a ride. If you do partake, try to avoid the syrups and add-ons and take plenty of good old-fashioned water.

Ice, ice baby

Ice is for chilling and for not chewing. Although it is just water and doesn’t contain sugar, chewing on hard items can leave your teeth weak to a dental emergency such as a cracked tooth.

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