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If your teeth hurt or are sensitive, your dentist might suggest a root canal treatment (RCT). Root canal treatment is a commonly performed dental procedure that aims to save a tooth that is severely infected or damaged. Before getting the treatment, it’s normal to worry about the Root Canal Treatment cost, procedure, and possible pain.

This blog post will answer your questions and give you valuable information about root canal treatment costs in India. It will cover the procedure and its benefits. So, let’s dive in!

What is a Root Canal?

A Root Canal Treatment is a dental procedure that is performed to treat and save a tooth that has been severely decayed or infected. When the decay reaches the soft core of the tooth, known as the pulp, it can cause inflammation, infection, or even the death of the pulp. 

During a root canal procedure, the infected pulp is carefully removed from the root canal of the tooth. The inside of the tooth is then thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to eliminate any bacteria or remaining infection. Finally, a filling is placed to seal the space, ensuring that the tooth is protected and restored to its normal function. these are the factors that affect the root canal treatment cost

Understanding Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment, also called endodontic treatment, takes out infected or damaged tooth pulp. The pulp can get infected from decay, dental work, or a cracked tooth. It encompasses a complex network of nerves, vessels, and supportive connective tissues.

During a root canal treatment, the dentist takes out the infected pulp, cleans the area, and fills it with gutta-percha, a safe material. Finally, a dental crown or cap is placed on top of the treated tooth to restore its strength and protect it from further damage.

The Full Form of RCT and Root Canal Procedure

RCT stands for Root Canal Treatment. The dentist removes infected or damaged pulp from the tooth. They clean and disinfect the root canals. Then, they fill them to prevent infection. The procedure is usually done with local anesthesia to make the patient more comfortable.

Root Canal Treatment Cost in India

root canal treatment cost

Root canal treatment costs in India can change based on different factors. These factors include where the dental clinic is, how experienced the dentist is, how complex the case is, and which tooth needs treatment. The Root canal treatment cost of fixing a single-rooted tooth can be between INR 2,000 and INR 5,000. Root canal treatment cost For a multi-rooted tooth, the cost can range from INR 4,000 to INR 8,000.

It’s important to note that these are approximate Root Canal Treatment costs and may vary from one dental clinic to another. It’s always advisable to consult with a dentist and get a personalized treatment plan along with an accurate Root Canal Treatment cost estimate.

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

One of the common concerns associated with root canal treatment is pain. Nowadays, dental technology and anesthesia make the procedure almost painless. Your dentist will numb the area with local anesthesia before starting treatment to keep you comfortable.

After the treatment, you may feel some discomfort or sensitivity. However, you can use pain medications you can buy without a prescription to help with it. To help you heal faster and reduce discomfort, follow your dentist’s instructions after treatment.

is rct painful

The Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment offers several benefits, including:

1. RCT helps save your natural tooth, so you don’t have to remove it, and can keep your smile intact.

2. Removing the infected pulp in a root canal treatment alleviates tooth pain and sensitivity. This restores your oral health and overall well-being.

3. Treating an infected tooth stops the infection from spreading to other teeth and lessens dental issues.

City Dental Hospital In Rajkot: Your Destination for the Best Root Canal Treatment

If you’re in Rajkot and looking for the best root canal treatment, City Dental Hospital is your go-to dental clinic. City Dental Hospital provides top-notch dental care. Our experienced dentists work in modern facilities, offering patient-focused services.

Their team will guide you from the first meeting to the follow-up after your root canal, providing personalized care. If you need a Root canal treatment, City Dental Hospital can provide excellent results for single or multi-rooted teeth.

Here are some important steps to follow after a root canal treatment:

1. Avoid chewing on the treated tooth: It is best to avoid putting excessive pressure on the tooth immediately after the procedure. This will give the tooth time to heal and reduce the risk of any complications.

2. Practice good oral hygiene: Brush your teeth twice a day, floss regularly, and use a mouthwash to keep your mouth clean and free from bacteria. This will help prevent any further infection and maintain the overall health of your teeth and gums.

3. Visit your dentist regularly: It is important to schedule regular check-ups with your dentist to monitor the progress of your root canal treatment. Your dentist will be able to assess the healing process and make any necessary adjustments or recommendations.

rct of teeth price


Root canal treatment costs in India can vary depending on various factors, but it is an investment in your oral health and overall well-being. By saving your natural tooth and restoring its function, RCT can help you maintain a beautiful smile and enjoy a pain-free life.

If your tooth hurts or you think you need a root canal, go see a dentist. For a thorough evaluation and customized treatment plan, talk to a reliable dentist like City Dental Hospital in Rajkot.

It’s important to prioritize your dental health so you can have a healthy and confident smile.

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