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Is it possible to get a Second Root Canal Surgery Done on the Same Tooth?

root canal

Root Canal Surgery

The need for a second root canal treatment is normally not required if your first root canal treatment was done perfectly by an expert and experienced dentist.

It is also said that a second root canal treatment on such a tooth can be difficult when the first one was done perfectly by a top dentist in Rajkot or anywhere else. The question is, why should a second root canal treatment be necessary?

However, in most cases where a second root canal treatment becomes necessary on the same tooth, it usually means that the first one was not done well enough.

Of course, there can be other reasons as well but mostly it is some shortcoming in the first treatment.

It is also important to understand why a root canal treatment becomes necessary in the first place. Usually, when the pulp in the root canal of a tooth gets infected, the process of tooth decay begins.

In some cases, the pain starts late and this means that you don’t realize the problem till it is too late, and by that time your tooth is damaged considerably.

It then depends on the suggestion of the best dental surgeon in Rajkot to either get the tooth surgically extracted or go for root canal treatment.

A second root canal treatment can be painful 

Root canal treatment is done to avoid extraction of the affected tooth if possible. The need for this treatment arises when the tooth pulp gets infected by bacteria of food residues in teeth spaces.

The dentist working on the affected tooth must make sure that the pulp in the tooth canal is cleaned up completely before proceeding with the filling.

Even if a very small part of the infection remains in the tooth canal when it is filled up, chances of aggravated infection were very high in such a tooth canal at a later date.

That’s when a second tooth canal treatment becomes unavoidable. Unfortunately, in this situation, both the infection and the filling have to be cleaned up and that can be painful.

The level of pain and discomfort that you endure would of course depend on the dentist you go to. Make sure to consult a top dentist in Rajkot or wherever you are located.

Good dentists try to retain your tooth to the extent possible 

A tooth canal treatment is a wonderful way to retain the remnants of your affected tooth as well as the structure of your set of teeth.

When the condition of your affected tooth is good enough to be retained after a root canal treatment, and top dentist in Rajkot would recommend it in place of extraction.

A tooth once extracted is gone forever and the space created as a result also affects your tooth setting as the structure begins to change unless you fill up the space.

You have options of filling up such a space with a bridge or implant if the dentist recommends that after examining your gum as well as the affected space in your teeth setting.

There is also the question of cost especially because dental care is not covered by health insurance in any way.

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