Should I use mouthwash or brush my teeth?

should i use mouth wash or brush my teeth

There is always a debate between mouthwash and brush. Which one is better? Let’s know

Oral Health is one of the essential care of a human body, and people usually tend to slip off the accurate binding of oral care, as they believe that oral care is just a fundamental part of daily routine, well on the contrary oral care is beyond a regular activity and one time brushing.

Our mouth is the most prone area for bacteria and germs that can not only distress or bring complications to your oral health but also unties its adverse effect on our physical body. Hence it is recommended by dental experts across the globe that oral care must be above average.

Importance of Oral Care

Mouthwash vs Brush

Oral care is one of the most crucial care that an individual should understand and impose proper care towards it. Adequate oral care keeps your oral health stagnant and vigorous for a prolonged period. In contrast, impoverished oral care drives multiple dental problems that can get worse further.

There can be a risk of teeth and gums if your oral care is not adequate. You can undergo problems like Cavity, Tooth Fall, Periodontal Diseases, and many other complications that can denote pain and discomfort. This is the reason that one should thoroughly maintain vital oral care.

Why should one maintain healthy oral hygiene?

Oral hygiene is an indispensable phenomenon to maintain robust oral care. By bringing the correct oral hygiene into action, you can eliminate all the destructive elements such as bacteria and germs that can bring harm to your oral care.

Many people just brush a single time and believe that their duty of oral hygiene is done, but this is the prime mistake that the people have stuck to this habit, and later undergo the hassling complications of teeth and gums.

About Brushing

All the efficacious aspects globally are proven to be retro and traditional, and similarly, when it comes to oral care, brushing is unconditionally mentioned. Brushing is the traditional activity of oral care. Earlier, people used to brush with the wooden sticks, ‘Datun’. Eventually, with the breeze of advancement, the action has transformed with branded brushes and tubes of toothpaste which is a positive aspect.

The ideal way of brushing is for two minutes minimum and twice a day. A person should brush twice to attain remarkable oral health. Besides brushing, you must also inherit flossing at least once and to grab the best results, floss after every meal.

Well, the brushing brief does not end here. To achieve the best results, you must use the proper brushing technique. Now you must be thinking about what a brushing technique is. In this blog, we will be narrating to you the refined brushing technique.

Brushing Technique

The attribute of brushing flows if there is a proper technique initiated. Firstly, you should brush for two minutes covering all the sides and surface of the teeth.

Give proper back and front strokes by holding the brush at a 45 degree, make sure that you clean wisely between the teeth, and don’t forget to clean the tongue.

About Mouthwash

Mouthwash is an additional beneficial element that gives an upper hand in scaling up your oral care. Mouthwash adds up a sense of freshness in your mouth and gives you a vital feel every time you use it.

As per the recommendation of dental experts, you should use mouthwash after brushing and flossing your teeth.
Although the mouthwash is additional oral care and not a substitute for brushing and flossing, do not stop brushing. Fluoride mouthwash is highly effective in cleaning your mouth and giving a healthy oral.

Benefits of Mouthwash

One of the prime attributes of mouthwash is the freshness that it provides to your mouth. The use of mouthwash removes and cleans hidden leftovers and plaque that sometimes is not possible with brushing.

These are the oral care elements that you should get into action for a healthy oral. Brushing and use of mouthwash both work hand in hand to provide you with healthy teeth and gums.

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