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Should I worry about having a dry mouth?

Should I worry about having a dry mouth?

It’s normal if you have a dry mouth very often when you are dehydrated or feeling nervous. If there’s a persistently dry mouth can be an indication of an underlying problem.

A dry mouth is an indication of an underlying dilemma, rather than a disease in itself. So if you have dry mouth, you need to worry.

Well, first let’s check what is dry mouth and how does it impact on your oral health.

Several things may cause a dry mouth, which includes prescription medications, medical treatments and specific autoimmune diseases. The therapy contains products that help to moisten the mouth.
Dry mouth syndrome is likewise described as xerostomia.

What are the consequences of Dry Mouth?

When your mouth produces little or no saliva, it can affect more than just your thirst. Saliva helps you taste and digest what you eat and drink. It cleans food particles from your teeth and lessens the acids that might cause tooth decay.
Well, saliva plays a vital role in keeping your mouth healthy. You may experience several problems, but below are a few effects:

  • A painful sensation or sore in your mouth
  • Dry lips
  • Bad breath (halitosis)
  • A weakened or altered sense of taste
  • Recurrent mouth infections, such as oral thrush
  • Tooth decay and gum disease
  • Trouble speaking, eating or swallowing

It’s imperative to maintain good oral hygiene if you have a dry mouth. It will help you to reduce the risk of diverse dental problems. Regular dental checkups are vital so that they can identify and treat any issues early on.

The Dry Mouth Feeling

Deficiency of saliva causes the skin in and around your mouth dry and tight. Your lips may become cracked. Soreness might form at the edges of your mouth. You may feel the tongue has become rough and dry. It may also be troublesome to swallow and talk.

Uncomfortable Side Effects

People with dry mouth often get lousy breath because saliva isn’t cleaning your mouth of food particles and debris frequently. If you apply lipstick, it might end up on your teeth because there’s nothing there to clean it off.
If you feel uneven or have a tickle in your throat? Dry mouth can be a possible cause.

What else can it cause?

Dry mouth can be affected by a medical ailment called Sjögren’s syndrome. According to research, it’s an autoimmune disorder in which white blood cells attack the body’s tear and salivary glands.
It is said that most people with diabetes or HIV can get dry mouth.

How to treat this problem?

You need to take proper care of your teeth. A deficiency of saliva can harm your teeth. Regular dental checkups are necessary if you have dry mouth. Brush and floss every day. If you can’t brush after eating, just rinse. Drink water frequently throughout the day, and use alcohol-free antiseptic mouthwash daily.

Things to try yourself

  • There are a few simple measures you can try to keep your mouth moist.
  • Increase your fluid consumption – take regular sips of cold water or an unsweetened drink.
  • Eat sugar-free desserts or chew sugar-free gum – this can stimulate your salivary glands to generate more saliva.
  • Ice cubes – the ice will melt slowly and moisturise your mouth.
  • Avoid alcohol (including alcohol-based mouthwashes), caffeine and smoking – these can all make a dry mouth worse.

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