Tooth decay in baby teeth – the causes

Tooth decay in baby teeth the cause

Baby Tooth Decay is very dangerous and it has to be identified and treated soon as possible.

Good oral health gives a healthy smile, teeth, and gums. On the opposite hand, poor dental hygiene can put you in danger for a cavity, referred to as a rotten tooth. Tooth decay in infants and young children are often mentioned as baby bottle cavities. Baby bottle cavity happens when sugary liquids or those with natural sugars (like milk, formula, and fruit juice) hold close an infant’s teeth for an extended time. Bacteria within the mouth thrive on this sugar and make acids that attack the teeth.

The longer cavity is left untreated, the more your child will experience:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • A higher risk of decay in other baby and adult teeth
  • More complicated and expensive treatment
  • Anxiety when your kids visit a dentist
  • Loss of your time at school

What are the Causes of a Tooth decay?

Lack of normal Cleaning

One way you’ll prevent decay is by adopting a daily cleaning routine early. Before your kid’s first teeth grow in, you should gently clean their gums with a clean cloth or a moist piece of gauze. When your kids’ baby teeth first appear, they usually occur around 6 months old. It is time to start gently brushing the teeth with a little toothbrush and water. After your baby turns 2, you’ll brush their teeth twice each day with a touch fluoride toothpaste.

Exposure to Drinks with Sugar

Though bottles and sippy cups are comfortable and good at preventing spills, they often contribute to toddlers’ cavities. The matter is that many parents fill these bottles and cups with sugary drinks like juice or soda. To cut back the cavity’s danger, fill your toddler’s bottles and sippy cups with water, breast milk or another formula. Some parents let kids carry something to drink so that they need constant access to the drinks. While this might appear to be an excellent way to calm a fussy toddler, it can impact your child’s teeth to damaging substances over a more extended period.

You should also stop giving your baby a bottle or sippy cup once you tuck them specific nap time or bedtime. It is because the mouth tends to dry out during sleep, anything your child drinks before bed is more likely to stay in his teeth, increasing the prospect that cavities will occur. According to ADA (The American Dental Association), it is said that sippy cups should only be temporary tools for youngsters, so you ought to teach your toddler to drink from a regular kid’s cup by their first birthday.

Sharing of Saliva

You may not realize that decay-causing bacteria are often transmitted through the saliva. If you’ve got these bacteria, you’ll pass them to your baby by sharing utensils or drinking from an equivalent cup. You’ll prevent the spread of harmful bacteria by never giving utensils and cups between you and your toddler without washing those items first.

To keep your baby’s teeth freed from cavities, steer beyond these everyday habits. A healthy set of teeth will present your child and you even more reasons to smile.

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