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There are so many Myths about Teeth Whitening. Whether it is good or bad? Let’s know in detail about Teeth Whitening.

Dental treatment in the current era has escalated to excellence with all the decked up technologies and a great panel of highly trained oral experts. These combination functions hand in hand and provide an ultimate oral betterment to the people and also look after the complicated aspects of oral health.

Since everything is possible in advanced dentistry, let’s bring light to the peculiar cosmetic dentistry phenomenon. Cosmetic dentistry lies under the shed of modernity which is performed to provide a perfect smile to an individual with the assistance of the advanced tools, treatments, and procedure that attains the best result.

When it comes to advanced dentistry for a perfect smile, teeth whitening is the most standard and crucial treatment performed for a sparkling smile to enhance your facial appearance.

What is Teeth Whitening

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Tooth whitening is one of the crucial aspects and elements of cosmetic dentistry. The whitening of the teeth is beyond brightening the smile, and it also assists in eliminating harmful bacteria and germs. It erases the discolouration that can create cavities in your teeth.

The teeth whitening is a professional smile makeover treatment, and it requires an oral expert to perform for better results.

Reasons your teeth become discoloured

Reasons your teeth become discoloured

The whiteness of your teeth can grab a layer of discolouration and fade the sparkle of your teeth. The discolouration can bring harm if they are not shredded off the teeth.

  • Coffee and Tea

Tea and Coffee are the prime reasons for the discolouration of your teeth as they have coloured pigments that can dull the shade of your teeth and become the reason for discolouration.

  • Injury

When your teeth are hurt or under trauma, it gets discoloured as it creates dentin that changes your teeth’ colour.

  • Poor Oral Hygiene

Poor and inadequate oral hygiene is one of the prime reasons for pale teeth and discolouration. It also causes problems with gums.

Ten Myths of Teeth Whitening

Ten Myths of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a dental treatment that has flared up oral health and advanced dentistry. Many people are willing to get a sparkling smile that enhances their appearance.

According to research, 4 out of 10 people face discolouration in their teeth and are willing to undergo a teeth whitening treatment.

The whitening treatment vanishes the discolouration and provides you with a shimmering smile to boost your confidence as you tend to smile more often than earlier.

Myth 1

No whitening if the teeth are sensitive

One of the most heard myths regarding teeth whitening is you can not do teeth whitening if your teeth are sensitive. It is false. You can undergo sensitive teeth, visit your dentist they will provide with an option.

Myth 2

Oil pulling can remove stains.

The oral experts have not yet found any case where the consumption of the oil has helped in removing stains.

Myth 3

Have crowns and veneers

You can not whiten the natural aspect in your mouth like enamel, and if you do so, you can end with discoloration.

Myth 4

Acidic fruits help in whitening

It is a complete irony. Acidic fruits can damage your enamel and not whiten your teeth.

Myth 5

Teething whitening procedure and product can harm your enamel

Teeth whitening is suggested by all the top oral experts internationally, and there is no proven experiment that has harmed any of the objects of oral health.

Myth 6

It can permanently remove stains.

Well, everybody wants this, but the stagnant whitening depends on the aftercare of an individual. They should bind adequate care for better lasting.

Myth 7

Whitening will give you a perfect smile.

Whitening does give a perfect smile, but the ideal smile depends on the condition of your teeth if they need more attention.

Myth 8

It can be done at home.

Many people perform teeth whitening at home, but it doesn’t drive the best results as it does when you go for a professional one.

Myth 9

It is not for children.

Teeth whitening is a natural process and can be done on any age group to attain a sparkling smile.

Myth 10

UV Light is the ideal way for whitening

UV light is harmful, and it is not suggested to undergo any treatment.

Following are the top ten myths regarding the whitening of teeth. Teeth Whitening is an absolutely safe and successive treatment and if you want the best teeth whitening, visit City Dental Hospital.

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