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People in India have become more brand-conscious, and they don’t want to compromise on quality for anything, be it any product.

For dental implants, people expect the material to be sturdy, long-lasting, and elegant. If you are searching for the best implants that can meet your requirements, this blog is for you. Globally, 150+ Brands are producing implants, but there are a few standout brands that will suit almost everyone’s dental implant needs.

Here, we have carefully crafted the top 15 dental implant companies worldwide. So, here we go:

5 best dental implant brands in the world

Nobel Biocare

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NobelActive stands out as the preferred Dental implant choice, backed by over a decade of clinical experience and an impressive mean survival rate. With NobelActive, immediate functionality is achievable, contributing to enhanced patient satisfaction across various aspects such as function, esthetics, sense, and speech.

Nobel Biocare takes customer satisfaction to the next level, It provides world-class training and education along with practice support and patient information material. 

Their three key dental implant system brands are
1. NobelActive
2. NobelParallel
3. NobelPearl

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Based on Swiss Nobel Biocare’s products and services are available in over 80 countries all over the world. 


Straumann actively engages in research, development, and manufacturing of teeth implants, instruments, prosthetics, and dental biomaterials. Straumann offers a comprehensive array of products and solutions for conventional treatment and digital workflows.

Based in Swiss, Straumann has a global presence of over 70 countries with multiple partners. So far over 17 million implant systems from Straumann have been placed throughout the world, which makes it one of the most popular dental implant brands in the world.

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Straumann’s major implant system brand is Straumann’s BLX, Which is very popular among many patients and preferred for its innovation, durability, and aesthetics. 


Hiossen was Founded in 2006 by its parent company Osstem in Pennsylvania, USA. By incorporating cutting-edge technology and Innovation in Dental Implants Systems.

Hiossen Known for its comprehensive solutions, technical expertise, and high-end quality products, Hiossen Implant continues to be at the forefront of implant innovation, ensuring optimal outcomes for practitioners and patients alike.

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Hiossen has two major types of Dental Implant System 

ET Implant System

ET stands for Essential Treatment and serves as a comprehensive solution, equipping clinicians with all the essential tools required for the successful execution of treatments.

EM Implant System

The EM Implant, meticulously crafted for narrow ridge applications, features a specialized design in both body and threads to facilitate straightforward insertion and ensure maximum stability. Its unique capability to adjust the implant direction during insertion enhances the likelihood of success, particularly in the most confined spaces.


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ADIN was founded in 2001 with a motto of producing the best possible dental implant solutions that offer uncompromising quality at an affordable price. The company places immense importance on building strong personal relationships to facilitate meeting the needs of doctors and distributors.

With this level of connection with the doctors and distributors, ADIN Dental Implant company can produce The best Dental implant brand, which is of high quality and affordable, from all the insights and suggestions they receive from the doctors.

ADIN produces four lines of Dental Implant Systems

Internal Hex

The Internal-Hex connection implant systems, Touareg™ S & OS, are tapered implants featuring a spiral tap meticulously designed to condense bone during placement, thereby achieving enhanced immediate stability.


When patients want to minimize micro-movements between the dental implant and the abutment, as well as to reduce potential bone loss, they can benefit from Adin’s CloseFit™ spiral implant system. This system features an extremely strong, stable, and solid conical-hex connection.


Unifit Dental implant system focuses on simplifying complex surgical and restoration procedures. Unifit Dental Implant System offers a unified prosthetic connection that fits all.


The One™ implant system represents a distinctive Monoblock solution, meticulously designed for fast, convenient, and immediate restoration, with minimal or no abutment preparation


GenXT, with consistent interaction with researchers and leading implantologists throughout the world, has helped GenXT.

GenXT Implants is made with the idea of providing simplicity, ease of placement and restoration, and the attainment of predictable long-term results.

How City Dental Hospital Provides the Best Dental Implants in India

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City Dental Hospital in Rajkot provides one of the Best Dental Implants in India with its team of highly skilled and experienced Dental professionals and their expertise in Implantology ensures patients receive the best possible care

They provide comprehensive Dental implant services from diagnostics to actual dental implant procedures and follow-up with precision and care. City Dental Hospital prioritizes patients’ comfort and satisfaction by having clear communication about the procedure with the patient, creating personalized treatment plans, and focusing on minimizing discomfort throughout the dental treatment process.

For getting the most affordable and best dental implant in India visit City Dental Hospital and book your appointment now.

Dental Tourism in India for Best Dental Implant Treatment

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Dental tourism is gaining popularity, and India is emerging as a preferred destination for individuals seeking cosmetic dentistry procedures, Dental Implants, and routine dental treatments.

Individuals from countries like the USA and the UK opt for dental tourism in India due to its combination of high-quality dental services at reasonable prices. India boasts excellent dental clinics staffed by highly qualified dental professionals. The accessibility of numerous international flights to India further facilitates the travel process for those seeking dental treatments.

Increasingly, individuals from developed countries are recognizing India as one of the premier dental tourism destinations globally, offering affordable yet high-quality dental care. The appeal lies not only in the cost-effectiveness but also in the expertise of dental professionals and the accessibility of top-notch dental facilities, positioning India as a prominent choice for those considering dental tourism.

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