Just because your wisdom teeth aren’t a cause of pain doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong. The teeth could be stuck or impacted. It means they can’t break through your jaw and into your mouth. It is because your mouth is too small to make space for wisdom teeth. Some dentists take out healthy molars, which may avert difficulties later on. As you age, the bones in your mouth get tougher. That makes your teeth harder to remove.

Here are the Top Reasons for Wisdom Tooth Removal

You could face problems after surgery, which may range from heavy bleeding and fractured teeth to harsh numbness and minor loss of movement in your jaw.

1. Wisdom teeth cavities – are one of the common problems as they are hard to clean

Wisdom teeth are located in the back of your jaw and are usually very close together. Due to this, flossing and cleaning those teeth often get neglected, which results in increased cavities. As we know, cavities lead to tooth decay, which can lead to more painful problems for you and your teeth.

2. Wisdom teeth pain –
inflamed and sore gums

Our gums usually don’t like wisdom teeth. Due to the limited space, wisdom teeth grow in odd ways, making it a breeding spot for decay-causing bacteria. The gums quickly become swollen, red, and can even have pus or plaque around them; all of them can be quite painful. This gum infection can spread rapidly, which may cause pain across large parts of your mouth and increasingly become more challenging to treat. If it was not sufficient that your gums were infected, they are now more sensitive to infection.

3. Damage to Other Teeth

It’s not just your gums that get hurt by those pesky wisdom teeth, and it’s also your other teeth. Wisdom teeth are quite rude; they do not get personal space. Your other teeth usually have space they require until your wisdom teeth crowd behind them. It can cause difficulties for your second molars and even your other teeth. Sometimes it hurts the adjacent tooth making it inevitable to get a filling.

In other cases, injury leads to a root canal. At City Dental Hospital, we had patients where the damage was severe enough to need both the wisdom tooth removed and the adjacent molar. Some people may have small mouths or lots of crowding. That little space doesn’t allow a tooth to come out, and that stress can be painful. When your teeth are continually being pushed, this can damage the enamel and bone, creating tooth decay and cavities.

4. Tooth Cysts or Tumors

Wisdom teeth are not harmonious from patient to patient, but we have seen that they do not cooperate with the rest of the teeth. It’s common for wisdom teeth that are not removed to have cysts around them. These can be uncomfortable and unpleasant to treat. In some cases, wisdom teeth aren’t problematic, but in some instances, they can also develop into something significant.

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