Ways to prevent Dental Fluorosis in Children

Dental fluorosis is a common disorder, characterized by hypomineralization of tooth enamel caused by consumption of extreme fluoride during enamel formation. When fluorosis is moderate, all of the surfaces of the teeth are mottled and turn yellow or brown.  

In simpler terms, dental fluorosis is nothing but the colour change in the finish of the teeth surface. It happens when teeth are presented to high fluoride fixations at the hour of tooth improvement. Even though the danger of fluoride overexposure is there for people of all ages, it is higher for newborns and children. 

Dental fluorosis patients develop noticeable spots along with stains on their teeth. These stains tend to darken over time. The dilemma with dental fluorosis is that a dentist can only identify early signs. Initially, the symptoms that occur as an indicator of the onset of dental fluorosis are thin white. One would not even know that they have developed dental fluorosis; only a dentist can determine only after 

Causes of Dental Fluorosis 

A significant reason for fluorosis is the improper use of fluoride-containing dental products, for example, toothpaste and mouthwashes. Now and again, children enjoy the flavour of fluoridated toothpaste so much that they swallow it instead of spitting it out.

In any case, there are different reasons for fluorosis. For instance, taking a higher-than-prescribed measure of a fluoride supplement during childhood can cause it. So can making a fluoride supplement when fluoridated drinking water or fluoride-strengthened organic juices and soda pops as of already provide the right amount.

Symptoms of Fluorosis

Symptoms of fluorosis range from small white spots to streaks that might be unnoticeable to dull brown stains and unpleasant pitted enamel that is hard to clean. Unaffected teeth are smooth and shiny. They should also be a light creamy white.

Reach your dentist if you see that your child’s teeth have white streaks or spots or if you see one or more discoloured teeth. Since the 1930s, dental specialists have assessed the seriousness of fluorosis using the following categories:

  • Uncertainty. The veneer shows slight changes extending from a couple of white specks to infrequent white spots. 
  • Exceptionally soft. Small Opaque paper-white areas are dissipated over under 25% of the tooth surface. 
  • Gentle. White opaque areas over and around the surface are broader but still affect less than half of the surface.
  • Moderate. White opaque areas influence over half of the veneer surface. 
  • Serious. All enamel surfaces are affected. 

How to prevent Dental Fluorosis?

  • No fluoride toothpaste for little children! – Do not use fluoride toothpaste for kids aged less than two years. Using a brush without toothpaste can be sufficient to clean their mouth. 
  • Pea-sized toothpaste –  Children above the age of 2 can be allowed a pea amount of toothpaste until they turn six.
  • Encourage Spitting – Since most kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes contain fluoride, parents should encourage their children to spit after brushing. It would be helpful if children below six years of age are not given mouthwashes at all. Children usually tend to swallow them.
  • Water check! – You can have the local water examined for the fluoride content.

Kids younger than eight years are generally receptive to get dental fluorosis. However, proper attention from parents can be the solution to prevent the onset of this ailment.

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