What is Baby Tooth Decay Prevention and Measures

What is baby tooth decay prevention methods

Baby teeth are considered the most important set of teeth as they are highly fragile and sensitive. Teeth evolving in children during the period should be poured and maintained with a bunch of care and attention. Although the baby teeth are small they are requisite of blistering care. As your child grows the attention and care towards the teeth excels because they tend to munch things that are the negative factor for their teeth and can harm them. Parents should solemnly undertake the care of their children’s teeth at the tooth-evolving period, for worry-free teeth and oral health.

Teeth are one most significant and vital part of the foremost part of the oral sector. Teeth are hidden in the mouth but the importance of it is struck when you pour anything in your mouth and you chew it without effort and hassle. To maintain vigorous and healthy teeth wise oral care should be maintained. A healthy mouth will not only keep your teeth healthy but prevent you from multiple dental complications that can drive severe harm to your teeth and if left untreated, the complications can eventually turn into tooth loss.


What is a Baby Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the most frightful aspect when it comes to oral health. According to research every 10 out 4 people are undergoing tooth decay. When it comes to children’s teeth care, the parent should be on their toes to protect their child from tooth decay. Children tooth decay is also called Baby Bottle Tooth Decay. Tooth decay is one of the common infections that is experienced during childhood. Along with the teeth, the gums of the child should also get an adequate ray of attention for a healthy and strong teeth evolution of your children.

How to take care of gums

Caring for the gums children can be done after 2 to 3 months after their birth. Preparing gums for a healthy tooth. The care of gums shouldn’t involve the use of a toothbrush or any other rigid object to clean.

  • You can use a soft cloth to clean and clean the gums of your kid gently. Using a soft cloth will situate the less pressure on the gums.
  • Wipe and clean the gums softly twice a day for better oral care.
  • Make sure you wipe the gums of your Child’s teeth after every meal, so the leftover particles do not harm the gums and flare the case of bottle tooth decay

Causes of Tooth Decay

Parents are highly concerned about the oral care of their children and tooth decay is the primary one.
Tooth Decay occurs due to infection that is released by acid-producing components which gets into a children’s mouth.

  • Tooth decay can also happen due to the parents advancing the bacteria to the children’s mouth by the source of saliva.
  • One of the prime reasons for tooth decay is continuous eating and drinking unwanted things such as chocolates and acidic drinks.

Parents should make sure that they restrict the consumption of all such acidic substances. They should also avoid the share of cups and foods with their children.

Prevention of Baby Tooth Decay

Parents are thoroughly searching for prevention measures to protect their child from unpleasant tooth decay.
Following are the preventional measures-

  • Firstly make sure that you have good oral health before your child is born. It is important to maintain the vital oral care of a mother while she is pregnant.
  • Do not provide your child with a bottle of milk or any food for quick bedtime sleep. And stop the activity if you are doing it. Brings a lot of harm including tooth decay.
  • Make your child drink from a cup rather than drinking from a bottle. After a certain age, your child should drink with a regular cup. Drinking from a cup sped around the mouth and avoided the liquid contact to the front teeth.
  • Do not provide your child with any sugary or sweet substance as they are a good conductor of tooth decay.
  • Make an annual dental visit for the best results. Your dentist will advise a suitable proceeding for your children’s best dental care.
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