What Kinds of Tooth Problems Will Your Child Have?

What kinds of tooth problems will your child have

For a considerable period, your child’s oral health is in your hands. In that span, optimum conditioning is required to help your child pick up the best teeth and oral care habits. For that, you should be able to identify the various teeth disorders that affect children, alongside knowing the best oral health practices. The cause and nature of quite a few children’s dental problems are the same as in adults; however, their effects vary considerably. It’s because children’s teeth are developing, younger and much softer. And laxity in their teeth and oral care can potentially lead to more severe consequences for your children’s oral health as they grow.

Don’t worry. By the end of this article, you would have all the essential knowledge about the common tooth problems a child may face — and how to tackle them.

Tooth Decay in child

Tooth decay has always been a common cause for discussions between parents and dentists. Children are more in the habit of indulging in sugary delicacies. Therefore, they may not have a strong leaning towards their oral health. So, all those delicacies accumulate around their teeth in the form of plaque and deteriorate tooth enamel. It can leave their teeth bare to attack and eventual decay.
As a parent, you have to teach them proper brushing techniques by holding their hand or asking them to mimic your brushing. In this way, you’ll help them create healthy teeth and oral care routines and prevent tooth decay.
Now, if you ever notice any signs of tooth decay in your children’s mouth, consult a dentist immediately to avoid long-term effects.

Tooth Sensitivity

A routine dental visit is essential to reduce the risk of teeth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity can be a by-product of the following different causes:

  • Cavities
  • Thinning of tooth enamel
  • Teeth grinding
  • Newly erupted permanent teeth

To minimize the effects of sensitivity on your children’s jolly days, sometimes it’s best to take the issue to their dentist.


Children often grind their teeth together involuntarily. Apart from that, they may start grinding their teeth owing to the discomfort caused in the jaws when their primary teeth begin to emerge. This habit usually goes away on completion of teeth development.
The off chance that children continue grinding their teeth even after development can damage their tooth enamel, thereby causing sensitivity. A dentist can help in preventing damage with the use of nightguards.

Orthodontic Problems

orthodontic treatment in rajkot

Perfect straight teeth are not in everyone’s genes. Orthodontic problems in children can often have a genetic cause — the size and the shape of their jaw playing a role in how the teeth grow and fit together. Overbite, underbite, open bite, and spacing problems are the misalignment issues that children may face.
An orthodontic appointment around the age of seven is ideal. This way, the orthodontist can identify significant orthodontics problems early and treat them at their onset.

Over-retained Primary Teeth

Primary teeth fall off, and the permanent teeth assume their place — it’s the natural course.
But sometimes, a primary tooth may stubbornly hold its place, causing the permanent tooth to erupt in the same spot — two teeth in one place, not ideal. Or it might be that a baby tooth stands solid for years while the surrounding teeth fall off. It can indicate an absence of a permanent tooth. When left untreated, it can lead to cavities and other dental problems.
A dentist will most commonly remove the primary tooth for over-retained teeth to allow optimum hold to the permanent teeth.

If you’ve read this far, rest assured, you’re fully equipped with the best responses for all the potential tooth problems your child may face.

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