Why do dentist tale x ray

Dentists typically take an x-ray or radiograph of your teeth to assess your oral health. But why do dentists take x-rays?

X-rays are a widespread tool within the dental industry and are even as important as cleaning your teeth. If you’re a new patient, you’ll quite likely undergo several dental x-rays so that a practitioner can track your progress over a particular period or diagnose an oral condition. Dental x-rays are useful for identifying the interior structures of your teeth and gums, which may help identify problems like a cavity, bone loss and impacted teeth.

Why do dentists take x-rays?


Dentists may have to require x-rays for several reasons. At City Dental Hospital, we usually take new routine, decay view images every 2 years. This helps our team to stay track of the condition of your teeth.

What Problems Can Dental X-Rays Detect?

  • Show areas of decay which will not be visible with an oral, especially small areas of decay between teeth
  • Identify decay occurring beneath an existing filling.
  • Reveal bone loss that accompanies gum disease
  • Reveal changes within the bone or the basis canal resulting from infection
  • Assist within the preparation of tooth implants, braces, dentures, or other dental procedures
  • Reveal an abscess (an infection at the basis of a tooth or between the gum and a tooth)

How Often Should Teeth Be X-Rayed?

Children (before the eruption of the primary permanent tooth)
X-rays of the teeth are touching, and every one surface can’t be visualized or probed. X-rays to be taken every 6 months until no decay is present. X-rays of areas where the disease is seen within the mouth. To see for growth and development are usually not indicated at this age.

Adolescents (before the eruption of wisdom teeth)

A full series of X-rays is indicated when there’s evidence of dental disease or a history of in-depth decay. X-rays are taken every 6 to 12 months until no decay is present. Take X-rays of areas where the disease is seen within the mouth. To see for the event of wisdom teeth.

Adults with teeth

A full range of X-rays is indicated when there’s evidence of dental disease or a history of in-depth decay. X-rays are taken every 12 to 18 months. Take X-rays of areas where the disease is seen within the mouth X-rays to see for growth and development are usually not indicated.

Adults without teeth

X-rays are usually not indicated unless the precise dental disease is clinically present. If you’re concerned about radiation exposure thanks to X-rays, ask your dentist about how often X-rays are needed and why they’re being taken. While some patients need X-rays taken more frequently, current guidelines require that X-rays tend only needed for clinical diagnosis.  Like brushing and flossing, getting regular dental X-rays is an integral part of your overall oral health. Having an honest checkup is often a relief, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep getting X-rays. Depending on your age, health, and coverage, X-rays could also be performed all to 2 years. Make certain to plan your appointments and see your dentist sooner if you experience any pain or other changes in your mouth.

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