Why is thumb-sucking bad for your child?

Why is thumb sucking bad for your child

Thumb sucking is something children naturally do. It’s going to comfort them and help them feel secure. However, when children continue sucking their thumbs as their permanent teeth emerge, long-term problems may develop.

Following are some reasons why thumbsucking is bad for your child:

Open Bite

The most severe permanent side effects of thumb sucking are sorts of dental malocclusion. Malocclusion may be a categorical term that describes tooth misalignment that’s visible when the mouth is closed. Two of the foremost common kinds of malocclusion caused by thumb sucking are open bite and overbite, which we’ll discuss within the next section.

Open bite occurs when the highest and bottom front teeth become directed outward. This misalignment means the front teeth don’t touch, even together with your child’s mouth closed completely.

The open bite may require orthodontic correction within the future or may complicate other dental misalignments that necessitate treatment.


Overbite occurs when the teeth become directed outward. In an overbite configuration, however, this misalignment is confined to the upper front teeth. This misalignment means the highest teeth cover rock bottom teeth when your child’s mouth is closed instead of the highest and bottom teeth touching typically.
Overbite malocclusion can affect the form of the face and smile. Individuals with extreme overbites may have extensive treatment to correct the difficulty.

Skin Problems

Children who suck their thumbs may undergo uncomfortable or severe skin problems on their preferred thumb over the years. When presented to the moisture of the mouth, the skin can become susceptible to other injuries. In some cases, the skin may crack or bleed, making your child’s hands vulnerable to infection. The thumb may begin to seem calloused. Also, the pressure and moisture of thumb sucking may warp the thumbnail, causing ingrowth or peeling.

Suppose your child experiences significant skin problems thanks to thumb sucking. Therein case, you’ll get to discourage the behaviour by bandaging the affected thumb, placing a medical finger glove over the finger, or otherwise protecting it. Dodge aversion tactics like dipping the finger in an unpleasant tasting substance since these strategies can cause high levels of frustration and infrequently produce lasting results.

Speech Impediment

Because thumb sucking affects the teeth, jaw, and palate, the habit can also change how your child eats and speaks. Thumb sucking may cause lisping, and other speech impediments, including an inability to pronounce hard consonants, seems like “D” and “T.” Without correct care, even high-quality therapy might not be entirely accurate because the deformed sounds are partially caused by the form of your child’s teeth concerning his or her tongue. Speech impediments may make it harder for your child to speak effectively. Many children with speech impediments also experience high levels of frustration, anger, and feelings of isolation.

Social Issues

Even before your child’s thumb-sucking becomes an actual and present threat to your child’s dental development, the habit may cause social issues. Children who suck their thumbs publicly may become the target of ridicule at the hands of their peers. While thumb sucking may be a regular childhood habit, the older your child gets, the more people may judge him or her for continuing the tradition.

Thumb sucking may be a subconscious response to worry or boredom for several children. Because your child might not think before putting his or her thumb to figure, your child may have your support and instruction to beat the habit within the acceptable developmental stage.

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