Yes, milk teeth are important!

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After some sleepless nights, your baby is sporting their first tiny pearly whites. By the age of three, they’ll probably have an entire set. Your little ones will have more dramatic changes in a couple of years later, once they start to lose those heard-earned teeth.

Do you know why baby teeth matter? Aren’t they only getting to fall out anyway?

Primary teeth are known as baby teeth, temporary teeth or milk teeth. Whatever term suits your preference, they’re already in your baby’s mouth at birth just waiting under the gums for his/her moment to form an entrance. The baby tooth usually erupts around six months which lasts for over three-years. The primary teeth then fall out, or shed, at six or seven through age 12 of your child. However, most of the people don’t have all 32 permanent teeth for quite a while.

  • Here’s the importance of milk or baby teeth:
  • They help the kid to bite and chew which is essential for the kid to realize proper nutrition during his/her early years
  • They allow the right advancement of speech
  • They organize and hold space for the eruption of permanent teeth within the jaws
  • They ensure adequate tooth alignment when the permanent teeth begin to erupt
  • They build confidence and self-esteem within the child with good dental hygiene.
  • Healthy teeth tend to ooze more confidence as compared to those that have poor oral health and missing milk teeth.
  • Parents feel that their child’s milk teeth or baby teeth aren’t essential and refuse to urge these teeth to be treated, don’t we?

If yes, then remember that your child’s milk teeth are as important as their permanent teeth. But, is there any difference between milk teeth and primary teeth?

Yes, there’s a difference between milk teeth and permanent teeth which will make milk teeth seem trivial, but remember, milk teeth pave the way for healthy, adequately aligned permanent teeth in your child.

How to care for milk teeth?

Caring for baby teeth starts after the 6th month of birth. Albeit your infant isn’t eating solid food, the natural sugars in formula and breast can cause cavities. Wrap a wet cloth or piece of the veil around your finger and use it to clean down your child’s gums. If your water isn’t fluoridated or your baby won’t be drinking water, you ought to ask your paediatrician about fluoride supplements, which may usually be taken after six-months-old.

When your toddler gets their first tooth, use a little, soft-bristled, infant-sized toothbrush and a smear of toothpaste and brush their teeth twice each day.

For those ages 2 to 5, brush their teeth within the morning and before bed for 2 minutes whenever with a pea-sized dollop of fluoride toothpaste. You’ll get to help with cleaning until they roll in the hay effectively on their own. Once they know how to brush and floss, make sure to watch their oral hygiene routine until age seven or eight. Sealants and fluoride treatments also can be extremely beneficial for preventing cavities and excellent thanks to bolstering your efforts.

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